Burning solid fuels

12 principles of good burning of solid fuels

Teach the boiler service to all adult homeowners

You will avoid the danger of a serious explosion in the boiler room

Remember to clean the chimney regularly

You will avoid soot fire

Ensure proper ventilation of the boiler room: supply and exhaust

Fuel will burn better

Install a boiler sensor in the boiler

It costs approx. PLN 100 and can save your life

Use fuel suitable for your type of boiler

Prevent boiler failures and achieve high combustion efficiency

Use high quality fuel, ensure that the wood has the right moisture content

Dry wood heats much better than damp wood

Regularly clean the boiler, check the sealing of the door and other openings

You will avoid flue gas into the room

Choose the power of the boiler according to the heat demand of the building

A boiler that does not work in its optimum conditions consumes more fuel

Replace your old boiler with a modern one

You will save 30% of fuel and you will be gain more comfort

Do not burn garbage!

Burning plastics, tires, old shoes and clothes causes the emission of high-toxic compounds harmful to your health

Do not tolerate burning garbage in your neighborhood

It’s not informing, but taking care of the health of yours and your children

Have thermomodernization performed of the building

This will reduce the power of the boiler and heating costs

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