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Online lesson about smog for high schools image

On June 12th 2017, as a part of the LIFE IP “Implementation of Air Quality Plan for Małopolska Region – Małopolska in a healthy atmosphere” there was organized an online lesson for high schools about the air pollution. The lesson was held online using the “Małopolska Educational Cloud”, which is an innovative information and communication platform, allowing to conduct interactive classes by universities and secondary schools of Małopolska. The lesson was focused on the basic information about the air pollution and smog. The main theme blocks of the lesson were: What is the smog and how is it formed? What are the effects of exposure to the smog? How to fight against the air pollution? The lecture, taught by Professor Piotr Kleczkowski from the University of Science ...

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World Bank and the Malopolska Region jointly work against smog image

The Malopolska Region is not alone in the fight for clean air in the region. Once again, the efforts of our region have been recognized internationally. Following the LIFE project, the Malopolska Region has now become a partner of the World Bank and the European Commission in the implementation of the “Catching-up Regions” project which aims at helping to eliminate smog. Within the project, the Malopolska Region has been already visited by the World Bank experts: Ashok Sarkar and Anand Subbiah. In order to better understand the problem of smog, they visited several municipalities in the region: Wadowice, Jordanów and Maków Podhalański. They also talked with the representatives of the Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Krakow. This week, experts will ...

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Comparative measurements of PM10 sensors started! image

The comparative measurement of PM10 sensors has been officially started. The organizer of the action is the Malopolska Region, in cooperation with the Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection, the Provincial Inspectorate for Environmental Protection in Krakow, the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, the Rabka-Zdrój Municipality and the Krakow Smog Alert Association. The purpose of the action is to verify and evaluate the reliability of the widely available measurement devices by comparing the results obtained with the results obtained using the reference measurement method of the Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Inspection. The measurements have been being carried out from 18 February at the measurement station in Rabka-Zdrój and will last until June 15th. The comparative action will end with a study ...

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Meeting of the Program Council of the LIFE Malopolska Region project gallery

On February 15, 2017, the first meeting of the Program Council of the Integrated LIFE project “Implementation of the Air Quality Plan for the Malopolska Region – Malopolska in a healthy atmosphere” was held in the Marshal’s Office. The tasks of the Council include acting as a program advisor, supporting the activities accompanying the project and proposing possible changes and modifications to the solutions that comprise the system of Ecomanagers. The following have been appointed to be members of the council: Wojciech Kozak – Deputy Marshal of the Malopolska Region as the President of the Council, Adam Domagała – Chairman of the Committee for Environmental Protection and Public Security of the Sejmik of the Malopolska Region as I Vice-President of the Council, Karolina Laszczak – ...

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Invitation to the conference “Air beyond borders” standard

You are invited to participate in the conference “Air beyond borders – anti-smog resolution as a tool to improve air quality” which will take place on 23 November 2016 at the Polish Aviation Museum in Krakow. After the conference, from 4:00 pm, a consultative meeting of the draft Air Quality Plan for the Malopolska Region will start. Conference program: 12:00 am-12:20 am Welcome of the participants – Wojciech Kozak, Deputy Marshal of the Malopolska Region 12:20 am-12:40 am Actions planned for improvement of air quality in the Malopolska Region – Tomasz Pietrusiak, Deputy Director of the Environment Department, the Marshal’s Office of the Malopolska Region 12:40 am-1:40 pm Strategy for improving air quality in Poland – moderated panel discussion with experts and opinions from ...

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LIFE project during the European Week of Regions and Cities in Brussels image

It was a great day for the Malopolska Region during the European Week of Regions and Cities in Brussels. On October 12, Mr. Tomasz Pietrusiak – Deputy Director of the Environment Department of the Marshal’s Office of the Malopolska Region was pleased to present the LIFE Project “Implementation of the Air Quality Plan for the Malopolska Region – Malopolska in a healthy atmosphere”. This is the best integrated project of all of the 39 from across the EU which were submitted in the competition in 2015. Mr. Tomasz was invited by the European Commission, we are glad that other countries can benefit from the experience of the Malopolska Region! Pictures from the event

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