POP Implementation Reports

The reporting system for monitoring the progress of the implementation of the Air Quality Plan covers all of the municipalities and counties in the Malopolska Region. Units of local self-government should include the data of their subordinate units in their reports. The report should be submitted by 31 March of the year following the reporting year.

The investments related to the replacement of building insulation, thermomodernization or the installation of renewable energy sources should be made through software supporting the inventory of building heating. The data in this regard held by district authorities (e.g. in the framework of own investments or construction permits issued) should be sent to the appropriate municipalities which have the possibility to put them into the base.

Heating inventory database of buildings in the Malopolska Region

Information on the implementation of other actions resulting from the Air Quality Plan for the Malopolska Region should be submitted only in electronic version to the e-mail address: powietrze@umwm.pl on the form provided below:

Model report on implementation of the Air Quality Plan for the Malopolska Region

Answers to the frequently asked questions:
  1. What is the application “Heating inventory database of buildings in the Malopolska Region” for?

    The application was made available by the Malopolska Region for the free use by all of the municipalities in the Malopolska Region in order to conduct an inventory of the type of heating of buildings in its area. The application enables the assignment one or several heating sources to each address point along with information concerning the thermo-modernization or the use of renewable energy sources.

  2. How to get login and password to the application?

    In order to obtain a login and password, send an email to powietrze@umwm.pl with the name of the employee or employees of the municipality who should have access to the application along with their official email addresses.

  3. How to enter into the application information about replacing the old coal boiler with an ecological source of heat

    When entering information on the replacement of heat sources, first assign the previous type of heating to the address, indicating in the “to the date” box, the date until the source was functioning. Then enter the new heating source by pointing to the “from the date” box, the date of installation. If no exact date is known, the approximate date or, to simplify, the date of the last day of the year (e.g. 31.12.2016) may be used. The application automatically records that a change of heating type has been made in the year (e.g. 2016) and the pollution reduction effect is calculated.

  4. When you enter and save the data for a building, it is not visible in the list?

    When entering data for a building, be sure to enter the correct value for the “from the date” and “to the date” boxes. These dates mean when the type of heating has been altered in a building, thermo-modernization has been conducted, a renewable energy source has been installed or until when a heating source has been in operation.
    The list of buildings presented in the “Inventory” tab refers to the status for a specific day marked in the “Status as at” field. If you have entered that a building heating operated for example by 31.12.2016, the building will not appear on the list when 31.03.2017 is displayed. In that case, change the date in the “Status as at” field and click “Search”.

  5. How to enter data for a multi-family building or when several units function at one address?

    When entering data, you must select “building type” as “multi-family”. It is possible to specify the number of premises in the building and the number of the unit. The data entered will refer to the property of the given number. To enter data for other premises, repeat the addition of new data giving the same address of the building, but other unit numbers. If the units have no official order numbers, you must enter your own numbering to identify them.

  6. Is it possible to automatically add more data to the database?

    Yes, it is possible to import large amounts of data into the database in XML and XLSX formats, the Excel format. This feature is especially useful if a municipality already has an inventory database for heating buildings using other software or as a list in text documents or spreadsheets. The data to be imported must be prepared in the appropriate structure and order. We recommend that you first introduces some of the data in a traditional way through the application interface. It is then possible to export data from the application to the Excel (XLSX) format. This will enable reviewing the required Excel file structure that you need to prepare to use the “Import XLSX” option in the “Inventory” tab.

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