Recommended websites presenting information on levels of pollution in the air.

LogoWeb addressDescription and historical data on concentration levels of pollutants registered at measurement stations of the Voivodship Inspectorate for Environmental Protection in Cracow. of the Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection presenting nationwide air quality data.
ekoprognozaplekoprognoza.plAir quality forecasts for Europe and Poland.
www.smog.imgw.plAir quality forecasts for the Małopolska Region and Kraków.
imgp-logomiip.geomalopolska.plInteractive maps of average concentrations of pollutants in air prepared for the needs of the Air Protection Program and maps of sources of pollutant emissions into the air.
airqualitynow.euComparison of data on levels of air pollution in European cities.

Mobile applications

On mobile devices, we recommend using free-of-charge dedicated applications available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and FirefoxOS.

Regional Alert SystemAn application for informing on threats and crisis situations. Displays messages in case of introducing the second or third degree of danger of air pollution.Pobierz z Google PlayPobierz z App StorePobierz z Microsoft Store
Air quality in PolandThe application of the Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection presents the current data on air quality from automatic measurement stations operating within the framework of the State Environmental Monitoring.Pobierz z Google PlayPobierz z App Store
Air pollutionThe application enables keeping track of the degree of air pollution, offers a desktop widget and keeps track of air pollution forecasts.Pobierz z Google Play
SmokSmogThe application offers a check on the current level of air pollution from the nearest or selected measurement station.Pobierz z Google PlayPobierz z App StorePobierz z Microsoft Store
Krakow SmogAn application showing the current air pollution in Krakow and its surrounding areas. It also offers the current weather and weather forecast for the next 24h.Pobierz z Google PlayPobierz z App Store
Air quality, the Malopolska RegionThe application provides a simple widget showing the current air pollution in the Malopolska Region.Pobierz z Google Play
Smog in Krakow and the Malopolska RegionAn application showing the current concentration of pollutants in the Malopolska Region. The application also sends notifications to the taskbar, after exceeding the selected pollutant level for the selected city.Pobierz z Google Play
Smogo Tickets, KrakowThe application monitors smog in Krakow (concentration of PM10) and notifies whether, on the given and following day, free-of-charge MPK transport is provided for drivers.Pobierz z Google Play
Eco forecastThe application enables reviewing air pollution diagrams for Poland and the Malopolska Region, as published on z Google Play
SmogWatch Malopolska RegionAn application for Sony SmartWatch and SmartWatch2, it shows the current concentration of PM2.5 and PM10 in Krakow, other cities show only the PM10 concentration.Pobierz z Google Play
SmogillaThe application shows the current air pollution in Krakow and other cities of the Malopolska, Podkarpackie and Silesian Regions.Pobierz z Microsoft Store
Plume Air The application presents air pollution information for more than 200 cities Pobierz z Google PlayPobierz z App Store
Smog AlertThe application provides real-time air pollution data for more than 3000 cities around the world. Pobierz z App Store

These applications are provided by their creators. We are not responsible for their operation.


Developers of applications and web sites are enabled to use the information presented on the website through using the JSON format of data. The data can be accessed through the address:

where XX should be replaced with a number from 01 to 24 to obtain data for individual cities. For example, for Krakow, the data is available at:

API documentation

Smog icons / svg / ai / eps

The Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection launched an API providing data from air quality measurement stations from all over Poland:

The API for the Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection for data from air quality measurement stations

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