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Jakość powietrza w Polsce
Jakość powietrza w Polsce
The application of the Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection presents current data on air quality from automatic measurement stations operating within the framework of the State Environmental Monitoring.
An application of the European Environmental Agency presenting data from 3,500 monitoring stations in Europe from over 30 countries.
Powietrze Kraków
The City of Krakow application shows the current air status (city average) with the option of selecting a specific measurement station. Numerical information is illustrated with icons.
Regionalny System Ostrzegania
An application informing about threats and crises. Displays messages when 2nd or 3rd degree of smog alert is introduced.
The application provides information about important events related to the place where you are currently or with places that interest you.
Airly provides information on air quality. Thanks to them, you can consciously make decisions about staying in places where the saturation of harmful substances can be high.
Kanarek allows you to easily check the air pollution (smog) in your area, and also inform you if the air quality falls below the set level. You can also use the map to quickly see the situation in Poland or selected cities.
Zanieczyszczenie Powietrza
The application allows you to monitor the degree of air pollution on an ongoing basis, offers a desktop widget and tracking of air pollution forecasts.
The application offers checking the current level of air pollution from the nearest or selected measurement station.
Kraków Smog
An application showing current air pollution in and around Krakow. It also offers the current weather condition and weather forecast for the next 24 hours.
Smog w Krakowie i Małopolsce
Smog w Krakowie is an application displaying current concentrations of air pollution in Małopolska.
Smog Info
The software on a regular basis (update every hour) shows what is the concentration of harmful substances in the air.
Plume Air Report
An application that presents information on air pollution for hundreds of thousands of cities in the world.
Smog Alert
The app provides real-time air pollution data for over 3,000 cities around the world.
Thanks to the SmogInfo application for Windows devices you can monitor the degree of air pollution on a current basis.
Application showing the current state of air pollution in Krakow and other cities of Małopolska, Podkarpacie and Silesia.
Powietrze Tarnów
The application provides information on current air pollution in and around Tarnów.
Powietrze Tuchów
The application provides information on current air pollution with PM2.5 and PM10 in Tuchów and its surroundings.
Złap Smoga
With the app you can have a real impact on improving air quality in your city. Do you see the disturbing smoke rising from the chimney? Take a picture and send a report immediately.

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Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection launched an API providing data from air quality measurement stations from all over Poland:

CIEP API for data from air quality measurement stations

Smog icons

Smog icons

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Ikony smogowe / smog icons

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Last updated: 2020-01-18