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At smog.edu.pl, you can find an educational portal for children and teenagers prepared by the Krakow Smog Alert. The portal was developed in response to the expectations of parents and teachers who were looking for materials that could support education about the effects and sources of air pollution. The portal contains sections for children of all ages, teenagers and teachers. The latter, it will help, among other things, save time and diversify lessons. There are, among others, ready-made lesson plans, work sheets, educational games, audiobooks and educational videos. Care was also taken to ensure that young people could acquire information in an attractive and interesting way, and to show how to care for the environment, and especially for the air we all breathe. Parents and teachers ...

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Andrei Marin, My City /EEA

The video competition ‘I LIVE GREEN’, organised by the European Environment Agency (EEA) and its partner network, invites all Europeans to show their creativity and to share their actions to help the environment. The best videos will receive a cash prize. What we eat and buy, how we move around or heat our homes, and many other big and small choices have an impact on the environment and our health. In the ‘I LIVE GREEN’ video competition, Europeans can share their green actions through short videos, vote for the best clips, and inspire others to do even more. While you can take green actions in almost any area of your life, ‘I LIVE GREEN’ focuses on four topics: Sustainable food Clean air Clean water Minimal waste Check the competition ...

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As part of the integrated LIFE Malopolska Project under the implementation of the “Air Quality Plan for the Malopolska Region – Malopolska in a healthy atmosphere”, on-line classes were held using the Malopolska Educational Cloud on November 24 this year. The topic of the lesson concerned the broadly understood “energy efficiency”. The lecture was conducted by Eng. Michał Kaczmarczyk, PhD from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow. The main idea of these activities was to raise the awareness of young people in relation to the responsible and conscious use of electricity, heat, water and transport in the aspect of environmental protection, with particular emphasis on reducing low emission. During Friday classes, issues related to energy efficiency were discussed, including the legal acts ...

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Workshops for Eco-Managers in Dobczyce image

On November 20-21 this year in Dobczyce workshops for Eco-Managers took place, organized as a part of the execution of the LIFE Integrated Project for the Malopolska Region. The workshops concerned the possibility of financing investments in the PPP (Public-Private Partnership) and ESCO (Energy Saving Company) formulas, the substantive supervision over the course of the training was carried out by the National Energy Conservation Agency (KAPE). On the first day, the workshop consisted of three parts. The first part was an introductory lecture on the subject of investment financing in the PPP formula. During the second part, investments executed in the PPP formula, i.e. an incineration plant in Poznan and a courthouse in Nowy Sącz, were discussed. During the third part of the ...

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Better stay at home during smog episodes image

The research carried out was aimed at finding out and showing how air pollution outside affects the quality of indoor air. Data was collected in 11 locations in and around Krakow. Measurements were carried out in each of them within 4 to 14 days. The results of them show that, during smog episodes, it is generally better to stay in closed rooms rather than outside, but concentrations still significantly exceed the level which is safe for our health. The exception are those buildings where fireplaces are used. There, concentrations of indoor pollution can be higher than outside. One of the locations where air quality was tested was Felicjanek Street in Krakow. There, the sensors were placed inside an office space and on ...

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Małopolska Region in cooperation with two leading Polish antismog organizations: Smogathon and the Polish Smog Alert co-organizes the Global Clean Air Summit conference.The aim of the conference is an international cooperation with regions or states which  are struggling with similar air pollution problems, as well as the exchange of experience with countries which on the base of their own achievements could help others to work out an effective strategy against these threats. The conference will be held in four parallel thematic blocks: policy, health, business and technology in the presence of experts, doctors, entrepreneurs and government representatives at national, regional and local levels. You are cordially invited to participate in the Global Clean Air Summit conference, which will take place on November 27, 2017 in ...

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