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The Air Quality Plan for the Malopolska Region is a strategy that will indicate how to achieve compliance with the air quality standards in the Malopolska Region. The Program adopted in 2013 by the Sejmik of the Malopolska Region indicated who is to be responsible for exceeding the limits and what should be done to make the inhabitants of the Malopolska Region breathe healthy air. The main cause of significant amounts of pollutants in the air were the low-quality, obsolete appliances for solid fuels used in the communal-housing sector, but also the high intensity of transport influencing high levels of nitrogen dioxide in Krakow. Since then, three years have elapsed, and the effects of the implemented actions include 22 thousand of the old sources of ...

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Summary of the implementation of the Air Quality Plan in 2015 image

Another year in a row, the Marshal Office of the Malopolska Region summarized the implementation of the Air Quality Plan for the Malopolska Region. The analysis concerned the tasks carried out in 2015 which directly or indirectly influenced the improvement of air quality in the Malopolska Region. In 2015, more than 10 thousand investments were conducted in the Malopolska Region in the area of surface emission reduction. The investments included liquidation of solid fuel boilers (4446), thermo-modernization (667), use of renewable energy (5260) and modernization of district heating (30). The actions aimed at reducing surface emissions undertaken by municipalities and counties have reduced particulate matter emissions, PM10 and PM2.5, by 150 Mg and benzo (a) pyrene by approx. 65 kg. The degree of implementation ...

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