Current air quality
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60 Ecomanagers

Residents of 55 municipalities in Malopolska can count on professional support of 60 Ecomanagers employed as part of the LIFE-IP MALOPOLSKA project. They help in the preparation of applications for co-financing, conduct educational activities, carry out inspections and professional research with a thermal imaging cameras and organize meetings and workshops for children and adults.

Range of action
Organized meetings and workshops4 791
People icon Participation of residents in events298 191
Participation of children in workshops71 354
Work effects
Provided advice and assistance for residents522 826
Thermal imaging testing of buildings2 863
Inspections of waste incineration5 402
Granted support
Distribution of educational materials911 504
Ion doc previewHandled applications for co-financing15 569
Additional funding obtained453 M EUR
LIFE project
Air quality



LIFE Projects’ Workshop on Air Quality

A significant proportion of Europe’s population live in areas, where exceedances of air quality standards occur on daily basis. Care for air quality is our common affair. In Małopolska,…

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