Air quality plan

The purpose of Air Quality Plan is to achieve in the Małopolska Region by 2023 permissible levels of air pollutants like PM10, PM2.5, benzo (a) pyrene, nitrogen dioxide and ozone.

Main activities focused on air quality improvement include:

  • Introducing restriction on the use of heating devices fired by solid fuels,
  • Implementation of local low-stack emission reduction programs – elimination of inefficient devices based on solid fuels,
  • Expansion and modernization of municipal heating network and gas distribution networks to connect new users,
  • Thermo-modernization of buildings and support of energy efficient buildings in housing and public utilities,
  • Reduction of emissions from transport,
  • Reduction of industrial emissions,
  • Environmental Education for inhabitants,
  • Improving the conditions for ventilation of the cities and protection of urban green areas.

A part of the Air Quality Plan is a short-term actions plan, which introduces 3 levels of air pollution threat:

  • 1st degree of danger (yellow code),
  • 2nd degree of danger (orange code),
  • 3rd degree of danger (red code).

Introducing the levels of threat of air pollution is carried out in cooperation with the Małopolska Provincial Office, Regional Inspectorate of Environmental Protection in Krakow and the Marshal Office of the Małopolska Region. Information about the threat is posted on the website:

The current Air Quality Plan for Małopolska Region was adopted by Resolution No. XXXII/452/17 of the Malopolska Regional Assembly of 23 January 2017.


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