Effects of activities

Types of investments made

In the years 2013-2017, over 27,000 solid fuels boilers and stoves were replaced in the Małopolska region. About two-third of this amount are furnaces liquidated only in Kraków ( about 18,000). The replacement heating device was mainly gas boilers, but also connection to the heating network, low-emission solid fuel boilers and electric heating.

The thermo-modernization was carried for over 3,500 buildings. Additionally in over 12,000 buildings, renewable energy sources have been installed. Sun collectors and photovoltaic panels were the most frequently chosen source.

Costs of the measures

The cost of implementation in the years 2013-2017 of the investments related to the reduction of emissions was estimated at 1.2 billion PLN, including 357 million PLN for the replacement of old solid fuel boilers and stoves. Other expenses included thermomodernization of buildings (443 million PLN), installation of renewable energy sources (219 million PLN) and expansion and modernization of district heating networks (190 million PLN).

Achieved ecological effects

The measures aimed at reducing emissions undertaken in Małopolska have resulted in the reduction of PM10 emission by more than 900 Mg, PM2.5 by 720 Mg and benzo(a)pyrene by 450 kg.

Changes in the level of air pollution

In recent years, the level of PM10 pollution in the Malopolska Region has been systematically decreasing. Limit value for the annual average of PM10 concentration is 40 μg/m³.


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