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Why is the air so polluted?

The main cause of air pollution in Malopolska is coal and wood stoves and boilers used in homes and in small plants producing, for example, furniture or shoes. They are popularly called “smokers” because they release large amounts of smoke and pollution into the air. Often low quality coal is burnt in them, for example coal sludge, or even rubbish, which further increases air toxicity.

niska emisja, domestic heating emission

The share of domestic heating emission in the concentration of pollutants in Malopolska

Replace the old stove!

Replace your “smoker” for heating network, gas or heat pump – these are the most air-friendly solutions. If this is not possible, choose a modern boiler for wood, pellets or coal. Old stoves and boilers emit 10 times more dust than the modern ones with ecodesign certificate. Not only coal is harmful to the air. Also burning wood in old boilers or fireplaces causes the emission of large amounts of dust and benzo[a]pyrene.

If you decide to use wood or coal for heating, choose a modern boiler with a ecodesign certificate. A list of such boilers and space heaters is available on our website: Ecodesign solid fuel boilers and space heaters.

Piec Na Węgiel, coal boiler

Dust emission from the coal boiler

Piec Na Drewno, wood boiler

Dust emission from the wood boiler

Kominek, fireplace

Dust emission from the fireplace


Is it profitable to burn bad quality coal in an old boiler?

When exchanging an old stove or boiler for a new one, you will benefit not only healthily, but also financially. “Smokers” are much less efficient than modern heating devices.

Modern low-emission boilers have very high efficiency – approx. 87%. This means that as much as 87% of the energy contained in coal is used. The efficiency of “smokers” is about 50% – which means that as much as half the energy contained in the fuel is not used – is wasted.

Koszty Ogrzewania Węglem, heating costs in an old and modern boiler

Comparison of heating costs in an old and modern boiler

The cost of heating in an old stove or boiler with a coal sludge which is a coal waste is practically the same as the cost of heating with high-calorific coal in a modern boiler. This difference is about 250 PLN annually, or about 0.65 PLN a day. Thus, the cost of heating when replacing an old coal-fired boiler with a new, low-emission one remains at almost the same level. However, the difference in the cost of heating between the coal sludge (1390 PLN) and good quality coal (1438 PLN) is 48 PLN per year, or 0.13 PLN per day.

Comparing the costs of heating with coal sludge and good quality coal

Comparing the costs of heating with coal sludge and good quality coal

Boilers meeting the ecodesign requirements consume much less fuel, so the cost of heating does not increase even for more expensive, better quality coal. You will pay the same for heating the house, and the air will be cleaner. In a few years, when you still have to replace your boiler, because the old one will be already used, only boilers with ecodesign requirements will be available for sale. It is worth replacing the boiler now!

Check the heating costs for different sources on our website: Calculator of emissions and heating costs.

You can stop poisoning yourself and others and it does not have to cost a lot!

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