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Invitation to participate in comparative measurements of particulate matter sensors for PM10 standard

Informing residents of excess airborne levels is one of the key actions in the fight for clean air in the Malopolska Region. Recently, a wide range of particulate matter concentration measurement equipment is available on the market, which is of great interest to both the residents and local governments of the Malopolska Region. The Malopolska Region, in co-operation with the Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection, the Voivodship Inspectorate for Environmental Protection in Krakow, the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow and the Smog Alert Association, plans to organize comparative measurements of the PM10 sensors available on the market. The purpose is to verify and evaluate the reliability of the widely available measurement devices by comparing the results obtained with the results obtained by the ...

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Public consultation on the draft anti-smog resolution for the Malopolska Region image

The Malopolska Region Management Board adopted a draft anti-smog resolution for the Malopolska Region. This is a document which, from mid-next-year, is to introduce a complete ban on the burning of coal muds and floatation concentrates in furnaces and fireplaces throughout the region and eliminating the installation of boilers that do not meet ecodesign standards. The most important assumptions of the anti-smog resolution for the Malopolska Region is the limitation of the creation of new low emission sources and the ban on the installation of the so-called “smokers”, boilers that do not meet any emission standards. The resolution also intends to introduce a ban on using coal muds and floatation concentrates and wet wood (with a moisture content of over 20%) from July 2017. At the moment, 800 000 tons ...

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