Guidelines for the heating system procedure

The Marshal’s Office of the Małopolska Region prepared guidelines for the procedure of inspecting heating system in terms of for compliance with the anti-smog resolution and the ban on waste incineration. The document contains the necessary elements of municipal procedures relating to the scope and and process of the inspection. Proposals for provisions of internal regulations of municipalities on the inspection procedure, template of the inspection protocol and template of the inspection authorization are presented in the form of ‘ready-to-use’ attachments.

According to the Air Quality Plan for the Małopolska Region, all municipalities are obliged to prepare an internal procedure for inspecting heating system in terms of compliance with the anti-smog resolution and the ban on waste incineration by 30 September 2021. The procedure should be developed in accordance with the following guidelines.

Inspection guide

The guide contains many practical tips related to the topic of inspections of heating system. Its aim is to provide substantive and methodical preparation for inspections, detection of illegal waste incineration and control in terms of compliance with the provisions of the anti-smog resolution. The guide includes 10 attachments containing templates of documents, authorisations, declarations and current resolutions and regulations. In addition, a glossary explaining technical and scientific terms is included at the end.

Instructional video

The following instructional video shows the correct inspection of heating system. If you conduct inspections of heating system, we particularly encourage you to watch.

Stickers for boilers

In the case of a solid fuel boiler which does not comply with the provisions of the anti-smog resolution, it is recommended that a sticker be placed on the boiler or in its immediate proximity. The sticker contains information about the boiler replacement deadline.

This boiler must be replaced by 31 december 2022 or 31 december 2026
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Educational materials

It is recommended that the inspection be connected with information activities on the requirements of the anti-smog resolution and presentation of the offer of “Clean Air Programme“. We encourage the use of educational and information materials in the form of leaflets. (available on the Educational Materials)