Competition “Construction of a pellet plant for the production of fuel from agricultural and forest biomass”!

The Minister of Climate and Environment, as Operator of the Environment, Energy and Climate Change Program, invites to submit project concepts for the “Construction of a pellet plant for the production of fuel from agricultural and forest biomass”, funded by the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2014-2021.

Purpose of the competition:

The main objective of the call for proposals for co-financing projects under the program area “Renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy security” is to improve energy security and reduce energy poverty in municipalities.

This aim is to be achieved by using local biomass to produce fuel for energy-poor households and replacing the social assistance offered to these households in the form of coal fuel with pellet fuel derived from locally available agricultural and forestry biomass.

Priority will be given to pilot and innovative projects, implemented in municipalities with a high energy poverty rate and with a high local energy resource potential in the form of agricultural and forestry biomass, enabling a continuous fuel supply.

The implementation of the projects will contribute to reducing CO2 emissions as much as possible while achieving the highest possible energy and cost efficiency ratio.

The condition for the implementation of the project will be:

  • replacement of individual heat sources of inhabitants consuming pellet fuel with sources adapted for its combustion and certified for at least emission class 5 – action implemented outside the project;
  • distributing the pelletized fuel produced free of charge to energy-poor households.

Type of projects:

Eligible for funding are projects involving the launch of a pellet production, including:

  • purchase of an installation for the production of fuel in the form of pellets produced from local agricultural and forestry biomass;
  • purchase of equipment necessary for the pre-treatment/preparation of agricultural and forestry biomass for pellet production;
  • construction of storage and drying facilities for raw materials for pellet production;
  • construction of pellet storage facilities;
  • construction of premises for roofing installations and securing production.

Eligible costs for the implementation of the project may include costs comprising necessary expenditure to launch the production of pellets together with the necessary infrastructure, excluding the construction or modernization of energy sources feeding the pelletising machine.

It is recommended that the scope of the project includes educational and training activities on the subject related to air and climate protection, in particular pollution from individual heat sources, as complementary activities for investment activities.

In addition, the scope of the projects may also include the purchase and installation of lanterns to illuminate the storage and production of pellets powered by renewable energy.

Under the call for proposals projects submitted in one of two variants may be financed. The choice of the variant depends on the applicant and will be made at the stage of submitting the project concept in the Co-financing Application Generator (…).

Deadline and method of submitting project concepts / applications for funding:

Closing date for receipt of design concepts from applicants –31.03.2021 15:00.

Project concepts (within stage I) and grant applications (stage II) are drawn up exclusively with the use of the Grant Application Generator (GWD). Detailed rules on submitting project concepts and applications for co-financing via the GWD are defined in the Rules of Competition.

Project concepts and grant applications with attachments should be submitted to the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in electronic form via the GWD available on the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management’s website.

More information?

For more information about the competition, please visit the websites of the Ministry of the Environment and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management: