Second edition of Clean Air Academy is launched!

Akademia CzP 2

With a view to local governments who are closest to their residents, the second series of free webinars #Academy of Clean Air2021 was prepared. The guide to the “Clean Air” programme reformed in 2020 is a useful source of information both for employees of communal consultation and information points, eco-managers , as well as applicants interested in subsidies for the replacement of the so-called “fossil fuels” and for home insulation. Thursdays with the program “Clean Air”, starting September 16, invite: Ministry of Climate and Environment, National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management and Polish Smog Alarm.

The first, last year’s edition of the Clean Air Academy on the simplified Clean Air Programme, has so far attracted the interest of about 250 thousand people. What is more: the audience of our professional e-guide, still available at the website, keeps growing. Therefore, together with NFOŚiGW and PAS we decided to continue the trainings during which we want to share our knowledge, good practices and discuss how we can contribute to improving the quality of the air we all breathe.

says Minister of Climate and Environment Michał Kurtyka.

The first cycle of the Academy was addressed to installers, energy advisors and construction companies. This time we want to mobilize local government units to fight against smog through the common implementation of the program “Clean Air” and assisting residents in obtaining grants. That is why at the Academy we will exchange experiences and talk about how to effectively provide information about the need to replace the so called “fossil fuels” and how to efficiently serve the “Clean Air” applicants in communal consultation and information points.

Vice-president of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management Paweł Mirowski adds.

The role of self-governments in the “Clean Air” programme is extremely important, because only thanks to a well functioning local network of applicants’ service we have a chance to reach in the 2029 perspective even three million households where inefficient heat sources need to be replaced. The introduced incentive system of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (reimbursement of part of the beneficiary’s service costs to the local authorities, bonuses for the most active communes), as well as anti-smog resolutions and the obligation to register the heat source in the Central Register of Emissions of Buildings – among other things we will discuss those issues during this year’s Academy.

Andrzej Guła, the leader of the Polish Smog Alarm announces.

The #Academy of Clean Air2021 series will also include other topics that were not discussed in the first edition, including in particular a new banking path, i.e. the Clean Air Loan (grants for partial repayment of bank loan principal) and issues concerning the settlement of an eco-investment included in a payment application. Other activities complementary to the Clean Air Programme will also be discussed, including the “Stop Smog” programme.

Please join us for our first webinar today!

The #Academy of Clean Air2021 will begin on Thursday, September 16 at 10:00 a.m. During the first meeting, experts from the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management will remind the participants of the principles of the Clean Air Programme, including details on the second part of the programme for the less affluent, entitled to an increased level of co-financing. There will also be tips on how to gain knowledge about the program and what helpful tools to use before preparing an application for funding. To participate in the first webinar, please register at: (registration gives you the opportunity to ask questions via chat). Although the number of places is limited, there will also be a public transmission of the meeting (without the possibility to ask questions) on the NFOŚiGW channel on YouTube ( In addition, each webinar – just like the first edition of the Academy – will be available for viewing again on the NFOSiGW YouTube channel within one week. Invitations with the link to register for each subsequent webinar will be published, among others, on the website and social media of the Academy partners.