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Visit of the Working Group on the Air Quality Plan and Energy in Krakow image

On 25-26 August this year, a meeting of the Working Group on the Air Quality Plan and Energy was held in Krakow, a great opportunity to present the actions undertaken in the Malopolska Region in terms of improving air quality and exchanging experiences with other regions in Poland. During the visit, the actions taken by the Malopolska Region and the Malopolska municipalities in implementing the current Air Quality Plan for the Malopolska Region were presented. Representatives of the Voivodship Inspectorate for Environmental Protection in Krakow presented the conclusions of their monitoring carried out in municipalities regarding the implementation of remedial measures.  The Office of the City of Krakow, along with the Municipal Social Welfare Center in Krakow presented the available aid programs for replacing ...

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Requests for updating the Air Quality Plan standard

The requests of residents, non-governmental organizations and municipal authorities that should be included in the work of updating the Air Quality Plan have been collected. During the period from June 22 to July 29, requests were received from a total of 52 institutions, including 35 from municipalities, 13 from organizations and 4 from private individuals. The comments largely concerned the necessity for designating the need for preparing and adopting an anti-smog resolution setting out the emission parameters for low-power boilers in the Malopolska Region in the Air Quality Plan. There have been comments on the lack of effective legal instruments that would allow residents to replace low-effective heating systems and those pointing out the lack of financial resources to undertake the replacements. The comments ...

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List of low-emission solid fuel heating appliances standard

The Malopolska Region has taken on providing a clear and transparent list of low-emission boilers and room heaters (e.g. fireplaces, stoves) that use solid fuels – coal or biomass. The list can include any device that has a laboratory test accredited for Class 5 compliance according to PN-EN 303-5:2012 standard or compliance with the requirements of the EU Commission Regulation 2015/1189 of 28 April 2015 (in the case of boilers) or the EU Commission Regulation 2015/1185 of 24 April 2015 (in the case of room heaters). Additional conditions that must be met by the devices that will be included in the list: boilers, with the exception of gasifying boilers, must be fitted with an automatic fuel feeder, boilers must not have an emergency grate ...

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Draft Code for the prevention of odor nuisance image

The Ministry of the Environment has developed the Code of for the Prevention of Odor Nuisance which aims to reduce the growing odor problem, taking into account the existing social and economic situation and the shortcomings in the existing legal regulations. This is a set of environmentally-friendly practices that can help reduce or eliminate the odor nuisance at different stages of the investment, reduce negative impacts on people and the environment, and improve the quality of life. The Code was created for the needs of central administration, regional and local self-governments, and entrepreneurs. It includes, among other things, such methods of preventing and reducing odors as: the location of installations away from residential buildings, the use of such technical barriers as tree ...

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Results of the call for the ROP project charters for low emission reduction image

A total of 101 projects related to low emission reduction through the use of modern boilers for coal (sub-measure 4.4.3) were filed within the Regional Operational Program for the Malopolska Region from 24 June to 25 July 2016. The activities concern municipalities in 5 subregions: the Krakow Metropolitan Area, the Tarnów Subregion, the Sącz Subregion, the Podhale Region and the Western Malopolska Region. The total cost of heating replacement from all projects is over PLN 190 million, of which the requested EU subsidy is about PLN 147 million. On the other hand, in the case of the measures involving the replacement of heat sources in individual households with modern boilers using biomass, gas and other fuels and the development of district heating networks ...

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