Results of the call for the ROP project charters for low emission reduction

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A total of 101 projects related to low emission reduction through the use of modern boilers for coal (sub-measure 4.4.3) were filed within the Regional Operational Program for the Malopolska Region from 24 June to 25 July 2016. The activities concern municipalities in 5 subregions: the Krakow Metropolitan Area, the Tarnów Subregion, the Sącz Subregion, the Podhale Region and the Western Malopolska Region. The total cost of heating replacement from all projects is over PLN 190 million, of which the requested EU subsidy is about PLN 147 million.

On the other hand, in the case of the measures involving the replacement of heat sources in individual households with modern boilers using biomass, gas and other fuels and the development of district heating networks (sub-measure 4.4.2), the total of 97 project charters were filed for municipalities in 5 subregions. The total cost of the actions is over PLN 222 million, of which PLN 162 million is the amount of the requested grant.

Call for project charters for measure 4.4.2

Call for project charters for measure 4.4.3