A chance to get funding for spas!

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On 5 July the call for applications under the new NFOŚiGW program “Climatic Spas. Part 2) Supporting energy efficiency in public utility buildings in health resort communities”. The call will be held on a continuous basis until 29 March 2024 or until the allocation of funds (PLN 200 million) is exhausted.

Program Objective:

Improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the spa or spa protection area through optimized investments in improving energy efficiency and increasing energy production from renewable sources.

Subject of Continuous Recruitment:

Select projects that improve air quality by reducing energy consumption in buildings for funding.

Type of projects:

Types of projects eligible for funding:

Investments involving support for energy efficiency in buildings of public utility and collective residence – located directly in the spa or spa protection area, in particular:

  1. Energy modernization of the above buildings, on the basis of an energy audit, showing a minimum reduction of 30% of the building’s final energy demand (the recommended degree of reduction meeting the definition of deep thermomodernization is 60%);
  2. modernization/replacement/installation of a heat source and/or hot water for the above buildings, on the basis of an energy audit, with the reservation that the above buildings, for which the implementation of the above improvement is planned as a separate activity – with regard to insulation of the envelope: external walls, window woodwork and roof/ceiling – meet the requirements of at least WT2014. No co-financing is allowed for the change of the heat source to a heat source fired by fossil solid fuels;
  3. installation of PV systems and/or replacement of lighting with energy-efficient lighting for the aforementioned buildings – on the basis of a proper electricity audit, with the proviso that the electricity production from PV systems is balanced for the purposes of: optimizing the electricity consumption of the building’s built-in and/or external lighting and operating the technical and installation systems in the building.

The prerequisite for receiving support in terms of project readiness for implementation is the possession of energy audits and final environmental decisions.


  1. local government units with the status of a health resort or health resort protection area (within the meaning of the Act of July 28, 2005 on health resort treatment, health resorts and health resort protection areas and on health resort communes (Dz. U. 2020, item 1662, as amended))
  2. Commercial law companies in which local government units referred to in item. 1) hold 100% of shares or stocks, which are established to perform own tasks of local government units specified in the Acts.

Forms of Funding:


The intensity of the grant depends on the standard of improvements implemented, as specified in Section 7.5 of the program, and is up to:

  • 70% of the eligible costs of the project, subject to the provisions of subsection b,
  • 40% of the eligible costs of the project in case the project concerns only the realization of the improvement mentioned in point 3) Project type.

Intake Budget:

The call budget for the program objective is up to PLN 200,000 thousand.

Deadlines and how to apply:

Applications must be submitted between 15/07/2021 and 29/03/2024 or until the allocation of funds is exhausted.

Applications will be considered in order of receipt until the call budget is exhausted, applications exceeding the call budget will be left without consideration.

More information can be found here