Bochnia is focused on ecology

One of the partners of the LIFE project – “Małopolska in a healthy atmosphere” is the town of Bochnia. The aim of the project is the implementation of the Air Quality Plan for the Małopolska Region. Bochnia is actively involved in the project by organising many educational events. Below we present selected activities implemented under the LIFE project.

Earth Day in Bochnia

Every year on 22 April we celebrate Earth Day. On this occasion, in the Town Kindergarten No. 4 in Bochnia, classes on air protection were held. About 40 preschoolers participated in the Eco-Manager classes. The meeting was initiated by a discussion on air and smog. The children actively participated in the activities and answered the questions asked. Together with the Eco-manager, the participants were looking for a way to improve the air quality in their surroundings. At the end, an eco-book was displayed, in which the issues of waste segregation, energy saving, as well as the use of renewable energy sources were discussed. Each child received a small gift – a badge with the slogan “Clean air guard”.

European Mobility Week

September is an opportunity to organise events every year as part of the European Mobility Week. The ETZT is also organised by the Bochnia City Council. Throughout the week, people who have reached selected places in the municipality by bicycle could enjoy a delicious coffee. Game lovers took part in a field game based on the Pokémon Go application. The most persistent won prizes, which were presented to them by Stefan Kolawiński, Mayor of Bochnia. In Public Primary School No. 7 in Bochnia, classes dedicated to air protection through the use of ecological means of transport were held.

The eco-manager encouraged the youngest to wisely and consciously choose the forms of transport that are the most ecological and low-emission.

Relaxation and education

On 21-22 September, St. Kinga’s Square was transformed into an activity and leisure zone. Residents could see what a city street without car traffic could look like. On the section excluded from traffic, “green alleys” equipped with live plants were set up. Residents were able to rest on deckchairs and benches. This place allowed passers-by to relax and rest.

On the street closed to traffic, ecological workshops with Eco-manager for high school students were held. In the first part of the workshop, there was a conversation on the sources of air pollution, low emissions and renewable energy sources. The second part of the workshop is the development of communication solutions for Bochnia by students, as well as the possibilities of using renewable energy.

On the day of the World Car Free Day, BZK’s public transport was running for free. Also on that day a cycling town was installed in the Market Square, and in the so called RES Bus, it was possible to get information about ecological ways of heating houses.

Competition – “Recycled toy”

On September 20, 2019, at the Niepodległości estate, awards were held in the “Toy from recycling” competition. Organized by the Bochnia City Hall for primary school students in Bochnia. The prizes for the authors of the best works were presented by the deputy mayor of Bochnia – Gustaw Korta.

Elżbieta Walas, Eco- manager from Bochnia City Hall:

“The aim of the competition was to interest students in the topic of low emissions, to identify the problem of air pollution associated with waste incineration and to raise awareness among school children and young people about environmental protection”.

Summary of the second phase of the LIFE project in the Bochnia Town Municipality: