Conference entitled “Sources of air pollution and their impact on air quality in Krakow”.

A conference entitled “Sources of air pollution and their impact on air quality in Cracow in 2018-2019” was held on 24.09.2020 in the headquarters of the Regional Inspectorate of Environmental Protection in Krakow.

During the conference, the results of research conducted by the AGH University of Science and Technology’s scientific teams entitled: “Sources of air dust pollution in Krakow in 2018 – 2019″. The research was supplemented with information from the Environmental Protection Inspection, including an assessment of the effects of air protection programmes implementation.

The aim of the developed project was to determine the type and share of individual sources of dust air pollution emissions observed at selected air quality monitoring stations.

Support for the new Air Protection Programme

The results of the research show that in 2018 in Krakow the main source of dust during the winter months was still the combustion of solid fuels. The conclusions from the research carried out in Krakow are a recommendation for consistent enforcement of the updated orders contained in the draft of the new Air Protection Programme for the Małopolska Region.

Continuation of the research for the following years will make it possible to estimate the impact of the ban on burning solid fuels in the city on the observed level of dust pollution and, at the same time, the amount of pollution inflow from the neighbouring municipalities.

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