E-Know – 4 Elements – Man 2050″ – UJ inspires for climate protection

On Thursday, November 16-November 2023, for the second time Jagiellonian University, together with the Krakow Climate Education Center and the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, organized a conference in the “ECO CONGRESS” series entitled “E-Know – 4 Elements – Man 2050″. The conference addressed key issues related to ecology, climate change, sustainable development and the future of our planet.

Youth in the spotlight

With young people in mind, the Krakow Climate Knowledge Test was organized. The 113 test participants had to face 40 questions prepared by the Cracow Climate Education Center. The initiative is aimed at developing environmental awareness among the younger generation.

Inspirational Speeches

A special guest at the conference was Jasiek Mela, a traveler and social activist who, despite losing an arm and a leg in an accident at the age of 13, conquered the North Pole. Mela conveyed his insights on visible climate change, especially in the Arctic, motivating people to take active action.

Art installations

An integral part of the conference was an inspiring art installation showing the four elements and informing about the changes taking place on Earth in the context of climate evolution. The installation not only attracted the attention of the participants, but also fit in with the theme of the debate.

Discussions on climate, environment and air quality

During the conference “E-Know – 4 Elements – Man 2050”, there was an interesting conversation, where Ewa Całus – Plenipotentiary of the Mayor of the City of Krakow for Climate Affairs, together with experts Dr. Mateusz Chaberski, Dr. Bohdan Widla and Anna Dworakowska from Krakow Smog Alarm discussed the impact of our actions on the environment, challenges in fashion and the role of large technology companies. The panel focused on developing awareness of the academic community and protecting the environment, focusing on innovative ideas and the need for community involvement.

LIFE MAŁOPOLSKA projects in the spotlight

Representatives of the LIFE MAŁOPOLSKA – “Malopolska in a healthy atmosphere”, LIFE EKOMAŁOPOLSKA for Climate and Energy and ecoMalopolska projects were present during the conference. At a special stand dedicated to the projects, an ecological knowledge quiz was held, where participants could test their knowledge and learn about the activities of the Małopolska Region in the field of environmental protection. Correct answers were rewarded with a variety of gadgets, and specialists from the Competence Center shared their knowledge about the implementation of projects and information about their achievements and successes.

Cooperation and Support

“E-Know – 4 Elements – Man 2050” is not only a scientific conference, but also a platform for inspiration and dialogue on our role in shaping the ecological future. Jagiellonian University, together with its partners, is proving that science, education and social activism are key to successfully tackling environmental challenges.