Educational portal for children, young people and teachers

portal edukacyjny

At, you can find an educational portal for children and teenagers prepared by the Krakow Smog Alert. The portal was developed in response to the expectations of parents and teachers who were looking for materials that could support education about the effects and sources of air pollution.

The portal contains sections for children of all ages, teenagers and teachers. The latter, it will help, among other things, save time and diversify lessons. There are, among others, ready-made lesson plans, work sheets, educational games, audiobooks and educational videos. Care was also taken to ensure that young people could acquire information in an attractive and interesting way, and to show how to care for the environment, and especially for the air we all breathe.

Parents and teachers are people who are particularly interested in the impact of smog on our daily lives and how to protect themselves against it and prevent it from being generated. Educational materials and teaching aids that could help in getting to know the subject are available in the form of a portal where everyone will find what they need. The change in attitudes among the youngest will bring not only the effects visible in the coming years, but it can also be effective “here and now”. There are situations when children who became familiar with the problem of smog outside their home explained to their parents that they should give up the so-called smolders and not throw garbage into their furnaces.

This is another interesting “smog” project aimed at children. Not much earlier, the book “Smok na smog” (“Smog holdup”) was released, which, in cooperation with the Polish Smog Alert, was prepared by the “Znak” publishing house.

The portal was implemented as part of the action “E.2. Local information and education activities in the field of air protection” of the LIFE integrated project “Implementation of Air Quality Plan for the Malopolska Region – Malopolska in a healthy atmosphere.” LIFE14/IPE/PL/021 / LIFE IP MALOPOLSKA.