Energy revolution at ENEX trade fair in Kielce

On March 8, the jubilee 25th edition of the International Fair of Energy and Electronics and Renewable Energy Sources took place.The event brought together experts and enthusiasts of green technologies.

The halls of the Kielce exhibition center gathered world producers of the latest technologies in the renewable energy and environmental protection industries. Małopolska was represented by two LIFE projects “Małopolska in a healthy atmosphere” and LIFE EKOMAŁOPOLSKA for Climate and Energy.

For years, the ENEX fair has brought together companies focusing on the development of the energy industry. This year’s edition gathered over 200 exhibitors from 12 countries who presented the latest energy-saving and ecological technologies. The energy fair was accompanied by numerous industry conferences, workshops and trainings.

Modern technologies

During the fair, the 16th National Heat Pump Forum was organized in the RES City zone. Numerous technical and product innovations in the heat pump and heating technology industry were presented. Participants of the event during the “Energy talk-show” got acquainted with the catalog of support programs for investments in the heat pump industry and learned about market novelties in 2023. Another part titled “Operation and exchange of experience – from real life” covered the following areas:

  • Heat pump user mistakes, or what is and what is not a heat pump, NIBE
  • Comparison of the efficiency of heat pumps versus other sources depending on heat distribution systems, LG
  • Heat pump mandatory with underfloor heating, or with radiators too?, Galmet
  • Air conditioning vs. heat pump – a new idea, pragmatism, or a dead end, Panasonic
  • Heat pumps and gas boilers in hybrid installations – expectations and needs of investors in the current dynamic changing economic situation, Vaillant Group
  • Commercial investments based on heat pumps – production halls, multi-family buildings and large-format stores, Mitsubishi Electric.

In the third part of the conference, a PC port debate was held on the following issues:

  • European heat pump market – developments, current status, forecasts
  • The heat pump market in Poland – status at the end of 2022 and prospects for 2023
  • 2022 the year of heat pumps. Poland against the background of Europe
  • Zero-emission buildings with PV PCs and storage facilities
  • Clean Air and My Heat – what’s next for heat pump subsidies?
  • Heat pump quality labels – are they needed?
  • Questions from the audience – PORT PC, EHPA PORT PC.

RES City Zone

A number of contests were held, with valuable prizes to be won. Participants of the event in the RES City zone were able to take part in the city game, which consisted of finding hidden signs within a certain time. Winners of the game received congratulations and prizes from the organizers. Among the photovoltaic installation teams present, the “Installer of the Year 2023” tournament was organized, which showcased the skills of installers of photovoltaic structures. Attention of the participants was also focused on the latest hydrogen technologies and new solutions for energy storage systems.

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