Funding for municipal and community guards

The Air Protection Program obliges municipalities to monitor compliance with environmental regulations. At the same time, ensuring the retrofitting of municipal/inter-municipal guards so that these can carry out their activities to the full extent. Funds for this purpose have been provided within the framework of European Funds from the Regional Operational Program of the Małopolska Region for 2021-2027.

Funding under the European Funds for Małopolska 2021-2027

In December 2022, the European Commission approved the “European Funds for Małopolska 2021-2027” program. The funds will be used to implement activities related to, among other things, mitigating the energy transition, or environmental protection. Within the framework of Priority 2 European Funds for the Environment, Measure 2.5 Implementation of the Air Protection Program, among others, it is planned to implement the project entitled “Provision of equipment equipment for municipal/inter-municipal guards in the scope of environmental compliance inspections carried out.

What can you get funding for?

  1. Covering the cost of employing new municipal guards. Only the contracted employment of at least 1 new municipal guard at 1 full-time position for a minimum period of 30 months (maximum 36 months) will be considered an eligible cost,
  2. Retrofitting municipal/inter-municipal guards with the necessary equipment to conduct inspections, including the purchase of, for example:
    • equipment for taking and securing ash or fuel samples,
    • carbon monoxide detectors,
    • drones for preliminary verification and typing of buildings for inspection, while the cost of drone rental (including rental with service) is also allowed – depending on whether the cost of purchasing or renting drones is more reasonable,
    • moisture meters for wood,
    • thermal imaging camera,
    • mobile equipment for preparing the inspection protocol – laptop, tablet, mobile printer, electronic terminal with printing,
    • an air quality meter and/or a display showing the results of measurements,
    • a vehicle that meets the requirements of the Law of January 11, 2018 on Electromobility and Alternative Fuels (i.e., an electric or hybrid or natural gas or hydrogen-powered vehicle, with a recommendation to purchase an electric vehicle),
  3. Costs of expert opinions, experts and expert studies for ongoing inspections and investigations, costs of sample analysis,
  4. Printing of information materials (leaflets, brochures) about the requirements of the regulations and available subsidies, aimed at residents,
  5. Participation of guards in training/courses on sampling procedure, proper conduct of inspections and handling of violations, training on operation of purchased equipment.

Co-financed elements in the scope of implemented projects must be used to ensure compliance with environmental regulations with priority given to air protection regulations.

The maximum value of the subsidy is PLN 600,000 per municipality. It is permissible to obtain a multiple of this amount in case the project will concern support of inter-municipal guards (maximum value of the subsidy multiplied by the number of municipalities forming an inter-municipal guard).

Recruitment for the program began on November 23 this year and will run until February 16, 2024.

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