Get funding for nature and RES eco-workshops

The Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Cracow has announced another call for grants for ecological nature rooms and renewable energy sources (RES) projects. The program is an important step towards environmental protection and the promotion of ecology. Thanks to it, children and young people will learn the secrets of environmental education in practice.

Formation of pro-environmental attitudes

Eco-workshops is an initiative aimed at promoting ecological attitudes among young generations.

Among other things, the program provides the opportunity to organize workshops, field meetings, or nature competitions, which contribute to raising environmental awareness and bringing nature conservation issues closer. The funds also make it possible to create or provide equipment for educational rooms/workshops, or, for example, to build field infrastructure for environmental education.

Who can apply for support?

The supplementary call for nature and RES eco-workshops is aimed at a variety of entities, including:

  • schools and educational institutions,
  • non-governmental organizations,
  • cultural institutions,
  • enterprises.

Recruitment began on September 20 and will last until October 2 this year.

The grant under the Program may be:

  • up to 95% of eligible costs for municipalities with at least 10% of their land area in a national park,
  • up to 90% of eligible costs for other entities.

The maximum amount of subsidy per beneficiary under the Program is PLN 150,000. One beneficiary may submit only one application from a selected thematic area thematic area. The maximum amount of co-financing for a task within the scope of EKOPRACOWNI is: PLN 50,000 for an eco-room for nature and PLN 75,000 for an eco-room concerning RES.

How to use the program?

The application should be submitted in two forms:

  1. unsigned through the Beneficiary Portal of the Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (final electronic version of the application).
  2. signed (traditionally on paper OR electronically via ePUAP).

It is required to submit the application in both forms, i.e. unsigned and signed. Applications received in only one form will not be considered.

Detailed information on the supplementary call for nature and RES eco-workshops and application documents can be found on the official website of the Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Krakow. There you can also learn about the application deadlines and the rules of project evaluation.