Green Malopolska – picnics and workshops across the region

Ecological workshops and competitions at schools, tree planting campaigns, eco-stands at picnics and “Clean Air” program points in the open air – these are just some of the attractions during the Malopolska Green Week. Events under the slogan “Let’s take care of clean air together” were held in Malopolska.

The residents of Malopolska have for many years been willing to get involved in environmental initiatives, especially those related to air protection. One such event is Małopolska Green Week, organized by local governments in our region. This year’s edition was an excellent opportunity to promote pro-environmental attitude and to raise awareness of air pollution.

“Clean Air” in every municipality

As part of the event, Eco-managers ran a campaign promoting the points of the ‘Clean Air’ programme, which operate in almost every municipality in Małopolska. The programme offers grants for the replacement of heat sources and thermo-modernisation of buildings. At the point, everyone can receive expert advice on replacing the heating source and assistance in completing the application for funding. As part of the Malopolska Green Week, Eco-managers prepared mobile stands for the programme and they provided information on available forms of co-financing.

Children learn to care for the environment

A number of attractions and surprises about nature education have been prepared for the youngest residents. These included ecological competitions, planting actions, cleaning parks and forests, as well as workshops and lectures on clean air and the dangers of smog. Building environmental awareness from an early age helps to form proper habits, i.e. segregating waste, saving water and electricity. Eco-managers took care to promote and develop pro-environmental attitude through games, activities and educational actions.