How to innovate? A practical guide for administration

Jak wprowadzać innowacje?

We highly recommend the publication “How to introduce innovations? A practical guide for administration” prepared by the Kraków Technology Park. The guide contains many interesting and practical ideas. For example, we will learn how to consult difficult social issues, investments or administrative decisions so that the solutions are best adapted to the needs of the recipients.

The publication is available on the KPT website: LINK

Multi-level collaboration for the common good

There are many ideas and ways to strengthen cooperation between administration, citizens and business. One of them, definitely worth recommending, is the work methodology proposed by the Kraków Technology Park. It has been used, among others, during creation and consultation works on strategic documents for the region as well as pilot implementations of innovative solutions improving functioning and quality of life of the region’s inhabitants.

The guide “How to innovate? A Practical Guide for Administration”, developed by KPT, describes on the basis of concrete examples how to consult difficult social issues, investments or administrative decisions, what they are and why it is worth introducing creative, community-engaged methods of work. It is presented how this work process translates into the quality of consultations and the final value, i.e. the effect of conducted activities.

Good practices in Malopolska

All the examples presented in the guidebook refer to activities carried out in Małopolska province. They include, among others, joint creation of the Air Protection Program for Małopolskie Voivodship, which took place in a broad, open dialogue with the residents, NGOs and business. This form of work not only increased social acceptance for the solution, but also provided a guarantee for its effective implementation.

It is similar in the case of testing IT tools, architectural and planning solutions or new services. This approach has been used both in the conception and implementation of a micropark, testing a smart bench, creating a platform for monitoring industrial pollution, as well as in projects developed in collaboration with the Kraków Technology Park.

The common denominator of the examples described in the publication is the process of co-creation, design and testing of solutions to improve the quality of life of citizens and the region. Specific examples show the benefits of using the co-creation process and the value of involving the local community, entrepreneurs, representatives of the scientific community and NGOs.

Helpful hints

Understanding mutual needs and expectations and properly addressing the needs of residents is not an easy task. This challenge is increasingly often faced by local governments, which for years have been conducting an effective dialogue with residents and entrepreneurs, balancing the needs of local communities and the investment opportunities of the administration. Thanks to the fact that already at the initial stage of designing (solutions, tools, regulations) the end users are involved, the administration is able to achieve measurable benefits and significantly improve the subsequent process of consultation.

The guide was developed as part of the Siscode project, implemented by KPT between 2018 and 2021, funded by Horizon 2020.

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