More and more residents of Małopolska in the CEEB database

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Property owners and managers should hurry up – by the end of June 2022, information about the method of heating the building must be submitted to the Central Emission Register of Buildings (CEEB). Those who fail to meet this obligation may be fined. The declaration can be submitted in person, at your municipality office or via the Internet.

Municipalities in Małopolska among the leaders of the ranking

The Main Office of Construction Supervision has published a ranking of municipalities that are most efficient in completing the database. In the top ten were as many as 4 municipalities in Małopolska (data as of 27 January 2022). The following communes deserve to be distinguished: Rytro, Chełmiec, Słopnice and Piwniczna-Zdrój. Full completion of the database will allow for proper adjustment of activities aimed at the fight against smog.

A recipe for success

We decided to ask the representatives of the awarded municipalities what method they found to be effective in obtaining data from residents.

Słopnice Commune took advantage of the moment of changing the declaration of the fee for municipal waste management and on the occasion of signing new declarations, residents also filled out a declaration to CEEB.

Particularly noteworthy is the idea of Chełmiec commune, which organized the action of delivering the declaration to all residents with the help of village leaders and persons recommended by them. After collecting the completed declarations, the commune officials efficiently entered them into the CEEB system

We have many residents in our municipality, so reaching everyone with information is not easy. Organizing the campaign with the declarations to CEEB required a lot of time and money from us. Making it easier for residents to access the so-called declarations has brought great results. – says Artur Boruta, the Secretary of Chełmiec Commune

In Piwniczna-Zdrój, declarations were sent in the form of unaddressed mail with the help of the Polish Post. It is a quick and relatively cheap way of reaching all residents. The support of local priests who announced information about the data collection to the CEEB database was also helpful.

The Rytro commune has focused on informing residents about the obligation to submit a declaration on its website and in social media. The information was also provided in paper form as official information from the commune head.

Importantly, in the above-mentioned cases, the vast majority of declarations was sent to the Central Office of Building Control through the commune offices. However, it is worth recalling that the declaration can also be submitted electronically via the website

An additional motivation to complete the CEEB declaration for all Małopolska residents should be the fact that in order to obtain a protective allowance from the governmental Anti-Inflation Shield, it is necessary to report your solid fuel heating sources to CEEB (as stated in the application) – for details it is worth asking your office municipalities or check on the government website.

More information about the Central Emission Register of Buildings can be found on the website of the Main Office of Building Supervision.