Municipalities are competing for the title of CEEB leader!

There is less and less time left to submit a declaration to the Central Building Emissions Register (CEEB) regarding the heat source in use. Property owners have until the end of June 2022 to submit the declaration. The declarations can be submitted in two ways – online, by going to the dedicated website, or by submitting a paper declaration by post or in person at a municipal office.

Instruments for fighting for clean air

CEEB aims to support actions related to the replacement of inefficient heating sources, thus strengthening the fight against smog. The General Office of Building Control (GUNB) encourages local authorities to take part in the ranking of municipalities with the highest number of submitted declarations to CEEB.

Who can be a Leader?

According to the information provided by GUNB, each municipality which achieves the fulfillment of CEEB records at the level of min. 90% will be awarded the title of CEEB Leader. Then, during a special visit, the Chief Inspector of Building Control will present the authorities of the winning municipality with a diploma and a commemorative statuette. This will be a reward for the care of residents’ health, improvement of air quality and protection of environment.

Detailed rules:

  • The first municipality that achieves 90% coverage of its address database with CEEB declarations will receive the title of CEEB Leader 90
  • In the following months, subsequent municipalities that achieve 90% will receive the same title of CEEB Leader 90
  • On 1 July 2022* a summary of the race will be announced and the list of CEEB Leaders will be published – i.e. the three municipalities with the highest coverage of the address database. These municipalities will then be awarded the title of CEEB Leader I, II and III.

*1 July 2022 is the deadline for declarations to CEEB for heat sources started up before 1 July 2021.

Leading in the ranking

Information on the current level of filling in the CEEB database in individual municipalities is available in the Ranking of Municipalities, where one can check at any time where a given municipality stands and how it compares with others in the country and in the province.

As of 14 April 2022 the leader of the CEEB ranking is still the municipality of Zawidów (Dolnośląskie region), where the level of filling in the database is currently 80%. What is worth mentioning, on the podium there are also two municipalities from Małopolska: Rytro municipality – 69% and Słopnice municipality – 68%. Just behind them, in the top ten were also: Piwniczna-Zdrój, Chełmiec and Laskowa. It is worth mentioning that as much as half of the leading communes come from Małopolska.

The municipalities with the highest number of submitted declarations to CEEB (all municipalities in Poland):


The municipalities with the highest number of submitted declarations to CEEB in Małopolska Region:


A reminder!

The obligation to complete and submit the declaration to the CEEB database applies to owners and managers of residential and non-residential buildings. These persons must submit the declaration by 30 June this year if it concerns buildings in which a heat source (or fuel combustion source) was commissioned before 1 July 2021. However, in the case of sources of heat and combustion of fuels commissioned after 1 July 2021, there are 14 days from the date of commissioning to comply with this obligation. It is worth keeping this issue in mind, as failure to comply with the obligation or exceeding the set deadlines may result in a financial penalty.

More information about the Central Building Emissions Register can be found on the website of the Central Office of Building Supervision.

Source of information: The General Office of Bulding Control