My Current 6.0 programme – when will the new funding start?

Despite the passage of years, the My Current programme enjoys unflagging interest among Poles. That is why, once the funds from the fifth edition of the programme have been exhausted, the Ministry of Climate and Environment announces that it will start work on launching the next funding.

Five editions of the My Current programme

The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management is currently finalising the call for applications for the 5th edition of the programme. Submitted applications are being assessed. Let us recall that its last edition ended on 14 December 2023. We can therefore suspect that the start date of the My Current 2024 call will be announced in the coming months. So far, PLN 2,439,840,910 has been paid out to beneficiaries, which translates into support for more than 509,000 households. Thanks to the launch of new installations, CO2 production has been reduced by 2 346 886 837 (kg/year). In the Małopolska Voivodeship alone, PLN 258 035 991 was paid to over 53 000 households. This translated into a reduction in CO2 production of 248 419 578 (kg/year).

Who can benefit from the grant?

In the 5th edition of the My Current programme, funding was available to individuals belonging to three groups:

  1. Individuals who are net-billing and who have not yet submitted any application to the My Current programme.
  2. Individuals who are billed via a discount system and who have not yet benefited from the support of the programme (the condition is to switch to net-billing).
  3. Persons who have already received a subsidy in previous editions of the My Current programme, have purchased and connected a system as of 01.02.2020, have switched to net-billing and have purchased a device to increase self-consumption, supported by the My Current programme.

Increasing support for beneficiaries

Already in the last version of the programme, the significantly higher financial support and the broadened scope of investments were noticeable. In 2023, beneficiaries of the programme applied not only for funding of photovoltaic micro-installations, but also heat pumps, energy storage, HEMS/EMS energy management systems and solar thermal collectors.

The fifth edition of the programme offered the possibility of receiving a grant of up to 50% of the eligible costs, amounting to no more than PLN 58,000. It was open to the following investments:

  1. Photovoltaic micro-installation (between 2 kW and 10 kW): PLN 6,000 (group 1 and 2 Applicants)
  2. Photovoltaic micro-installation (2-10 kW) + ancillary equipment:
    a. PLN 7,000 (group 1 and 2)
    b. PLN 3,000 (group 3)
  3. Additional equipment:
    a. storage/heating unit
    – heat storage: PLN 5,000
    – ground source heat pumps: PLN 28,500
    – air/water heat pump with improved energy efficiency class: PLN 19,400
    – air/air heat pump: PLN 4,400
    b. electricity storage (with a minimum capacity of 2 kWh): PLN 16,000
    c. energy management system HEMS/EMS: PLN 3,000
    d. solar collectors (hot water): PLN 3,500

The details of the funding under the sixth edition of the My Current programme are not yet known. Nevertheless, it can be assumed that the rules for granting support will resemble those in place to date.

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