Quality standards for coal and pellets – another appeal to the Minister of Climate!

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Tomasz Urynowicz, Deputy Marshall of the Małopolska Region, has again asked the Minister for Climate and Environment to tighten quality standards for coal and to draw up such standards for pellets. The introduction of these regulations is possible under the obligatory review of quality requirements for solid fuels pursuant to Article 3a of the Act on the system of monitoring and controlling the quality of fuels.

Coal and biomass boilers available on the market are only able to meet ecodesign requirements if coal, pellets and wood of adequate quality are used. However, the quality requirements for commercially available coal differ from the parameters of this fuel used at the laboratory testing stage. Therefore it calls for the introduction of quality standards for coal meeting these minimum requirements set out in PN-EN 303-5:2012.

– explains Deputy Marshal Tomasz Urynowicz.

Unfortunately, there are also still no legal regulations on the quality requirements for pellets. It is therefore impossible to eliminate poor quality pellets from sale, which contain a large amount of mineral substances (e.g. ash) and even plastics. Pellet boiler users are not aware that the fuel they use often has little to do with the fight for clean air.

– says the Deputy Marshal.

Air quality plans and anti-smog resolutions in force in individual provinces assume that the use of heating devices compliant with the ecodesign standards will contribute to a significant improvement in air quality. Achievement of emission indicators at the eco-design level will, however, be possible only in the situation of using appropriate quality fuel. Therefore, failure to introduce standards for coal and pellets at an appropriate level may negate the real effects of boiler replacement under the Clean Air Program and other support instruments.