RES workshops for Leaders of projects from the ROP 2014–2020

warsztaty oze

On 30 November, at the Home Army Museum (Wita Stwosza 12, Kraków), the last workshops in the scope of preparation of the Terms of Reference (ToR) for renewable energy installations (heat pumps, solar collectors, photovoltaic panels), took place.

A special series of workshops were intended for Leaders of projects selected to receive funding from the Regional Operational Programme for the Małopolska Region 2014–2020 (Measure 4.1 – Increasing of the use of renewable energy sources, Sub-measure 4.1.1 – Development of infrastructure for the production of energy from renewable sources).

A series of meetings and workshops (26 October 2018, 9 November 2018, 16 November 2018 and 30 November 2018) included preparation of the Terms of Reference for:

  • hot water utility systems (heat pumps and solar panels),
  • central heating systems for buildings (heat pumps and biomass boilers),
  • energy generation systems (photovoltaic panels).

All meetings were conducted by specialists from:

  • the Center of Sustainable Development and Energy Conservation “Miękinia”,
  • the Polish Organisation of Heat Pump Technology Development (PORT PC),
  • the Polish Photovoltaic Industry Association.

The workshops were carried out as part of the LIFE integrated project “Implementation of the air quality plan for the Małopolska Region – Małopolska in a healthy atmosphere”, aimed at improving air quality in the region (action E.3 – “Creating a network for exchanging experiences with other projects”).