Summary of anti-smog activities in Małopolska in 2017

Podsumowanie programu ochrony powietrza

We have summarized the effects of the actions in Małopolska Region in the fight against smog in 2017. The prepared document contains information on the effects of local government activities. The entities showed activities that directly or indirectly affected the improvement of air quality in Małopolska, presented, among others, achieved environmental effects and expenses incurred.

Liquidation of coal furnaces and boilers

On 1 July 2017, an anti-smog resolution for the Małopolska region, adopted by the Assembly of the Małopolska Region, entered into force. It prohibited the use of new boilers and fireplaces that do not meet the ecodesign requirements, the use of coal sludge and flotoconcentrates, and biomass with a moisture content above 20%. At the same time, a transitional anti-smog resolution for Krakow came into force, which introduced a ban on the burning of poor quality coal and moist biomass.

In 2017, a total of 10,081 boilers for solid fuels were liquidated in Małopolska. In recent years, the scale of liquidation of boilers has been systematically  growing  – in 2017 there were 37% more than in 2016, 127% more compared to 2015 and three times more than in 2014. Among the exchanges of low-efficiency fuel devices, for gas heating (72%) and  new solid fuel boilers (19%) dominated.

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Investments in this area were carried out in 87 municipalities from the Małopolska region, while in 2016 only in 48 municipalities (81% increase). Municipalities in which the largest number of devices were liquidated were: Kraków (6,114), Miechów (459), Tarnów (183), Skawina (179) and Zabierzów (135).

Map: Number of coal furnaces and boilers liquidated in 2017 in the Małopolska municipalities.

A total of over  28 km of new heating networks were build, to which nearly 600 new heat consumers were connected and nearly 220 km of new gas networks with a connection of almost 30,000 new gas recipients. Also in 771 buildings thermal renovation was completed and 1,446 new renewable energy sources were installed.

Activities in the area of ​​low emission reduction undertaken by municipalities and poviats allowed in 2017 to reduce the emission of PM10 by 280.9 Mg and PM2,5 by 246.2 Mg. The emission of benzo(a)pyrene has been reduced by 144 kg.

Controls and educational activities

83 municipalities have taken measures to control the incineration of waste by residents. In 2017, a total of 16,200 inspections were carried out in which 1,200 non-compliance (7.2% of all controls) were detected. The fines were imposed in the total amount of 79,000 PLN and 44 cases were referred to the court.

In 73 communes, inspections were carried out to comply with the requirements of the anti-smog resolution. In total, nearly 11,000 controls were conducted resulting in over 300 cases of non-compliance with the resolution. In the majority of municipalities, controls in the scope of compliance with anti-smog resolutions were carried out together with controls on the incineration of waste or plant residues.