Summary of LIFE Małopolska – July

Main Events

  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the implementation of eco-managers’ activities under the LIFE project was limited. Full-time performance of tasks was difficult due to remote work and limitations in accepting clients and organizing events.
  • In July, another public consultation on the air quality plan for the Małopolska region took place. As part of the consultations, an open meeting was organised on 16th July, during which corrective actions presented in the project were introduced.
  • The eco-managers distributed a total of almost 2,000 information and educational materials and provided advice to almost 9,000 inhabitants of Małopolska.

C.1. Eco-managers

Advice and help for residents

In July, the Eco-managers employed under the LIFE programme provided advisory assistance to the inhabitants of Małopolska:

  • 2601 people accepted in the office,
  • 4719 by telephone,
  • 585 in writing or by e-mail,
  • 257 during visits.

There were 92 checks on residents for waste incineration. In 5 cases, infringements were found.

Surveys from residents and applications for funding

Eco-managers were involved in collecting questionnaires from residents and considering applications for funding.

In July:

  • 218 questionnaires were collected from residents interested in receiving funding,
  • 262 applications of residents or entities for funding were considered,
  • 450 agreements were signed with residents or entities for funding and 120 such agreements were settled.

Eco-managers have entered or updated data on 836 buildings in the heating base.

C.2 Centre of Competence

List of low-emission heating devices

The list of low-emission solid-fuel heating appliances meeting eco-design requirements, available at, includes a total of 344 boilers and space heaters.

The “Eco-intervention” application

A total of 168 applications were received in July. The application is available on the website

Can be specified:

  • 113 reports on air pollution,
  • 38 illegal waste removal
  • 17 other applications.

The Infoline operated by the Competence Center of the Marshal’s Office has answered over 200 telephone inquiries.

E.2 Local air protection information and education activities

Educational materials on the subject of air protection

The eco managers in the municipalities:

  • prepared 253 leaflets and brochures and 122 posters,
  • They distributed 1367 leaflets and brochures and 217 posters,
  • prepared 160 and distributed 263 other educational and promotional materials (promotional materials, leaflets related to the Clean Air Programme).
Meetings and events

Eco-managers organized meetings and events:

  • 5 competitions for children/young people, in which 141 people took part,
  • 1 meeting in the kindergarten, attended by 6 people (online classes),
  • 5 meetings with residents, attended by 150 people,
  • 24 meetings with local leaders (teleconferences with councillors, mayors) with a total of 358 people,
  • 6 other air protection events, attended by 716 people.

Eco-managers transferred some of their activity to the Internet. They organized various contests and workshops via social networks.

E.3 Creating networks for the exchange of experience with other projects

Public consultations of the Air Quality Plan for the Małopolska Region

In July, we held another public consultation on the air quality plan for the Małopolska Region. The submission of comments to the document was completed on 27th July this year.

On 16th July, an open consultation meeting was held in the Congress Hall of the Congress Centre of the University of Agriculture. The meeting was attended by 85 people. They were mainly residents, local governments, institutions, entrepreneurs, chambers of agriculture and economy, non-governmental organisations and representatives of universities. During the meeting, the participants were informed about the subject matter of the meeting and the corrective actions of the draft Air Quality Plan for the Małopolska Region were presented. The participants had the opportunity to speak and publicly share their comments and conclusions to the project. Moreover, a link to the on-line transmission was made available for those who could not take part in the event personally. The event was attended by 32 people using the Internet.

Meeting with representatives of the Marshal’s Office of the Opole Region

On 9th July there was a meeting with representatives of the Marshal’s Office of the Opole Region. The aim of the meeting was to present how the LIFE Project is implemented in the Małopolska Region. The Opolskie Voivodeship is preparing to implement its first LIFE project. The project is to help implement a coherent air quality management system in this region.

European Mobility Week 2020

An online information meeting on the European Mobility Week 2020 was held on 17th July. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Centre of Competence, the Rail Strategy and Transport Team and the Ministry of Infrastructure. During the meeting, the EMW coordinator from the Ministry presented basic information and the scope of activities, followed by a discussion about experiences from previous years and suggestions for this year’s event.

A series of webinars #Clean Air Academy. Within the webinar series #Clean Air Academy, another 2 meetings were held in July:

  • 6 July: The importance of ventilation in thermal modernisation of buildings,
  • 13 July: An example of good practice: The success of the Zabierzów/Wilkowice pilotage.

The meeting was attended by eco-managers and employees of the Competence Centre.

E.4 Promotion of project implementation

In July, the eco-managers prepared:

  • 18 articles in the press,
  • 86 articles and posts on the Internet and community media,
  • 19 times they used other media (e.g. wall newspapers and information boards),

and took part in the media information related to the project:

    2 radio or TV programmes.