The first Ambassador of Clean Air in the Malopolska Region!

He is a three-time polish champion in skialpinism, the third in the general classification of the world cup, the world record holder in the Elbrus run and the first Pole who managed to climb the Shishapangma and ski from the top of it in 2013.

Andrzej Bargiel, the athlete from the Malopolska Region who became the Ambassador of Clean Air. As part of the action which aims, among others, at increasing the public awareness of the need for making an effort to improve the air quality, people from the Malopolska Region will sign on a commemorative plaque. They are known people whose achievements and successes are recognizable all over Poland and for whom breathing clean air is one of the highest values.

Andrzej Bargiel decided to join in as the first person. As he says about himself, he has worked hard for his successes. “I started with small goals and I set myself new ones all the time. Until now, I have not been defeated by any adversities and I am going to fight for my dream, as long as I am fit and healthy!” The words Andrzej says are very important to us. The dream of all of us is to breathe clean air all year round and, despite the fact that the path to the goal seems not to be easy, we believe that it is possible to meet the challenge.

Together, we can get to the highest peaks!

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