The new edition of the “Clean Air” program from 2022! Take advantage of subsidies up to 69,000. zloty!


From January 25, 2022, new rules apply in the government’s Clean Air program. People with the lowest income, who will be able to obtain up to 90% of funding, will be covered with greater support.

This year, the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (NFOŚiGW) intends to allocate as much as PLN 1.95 billion for the implementation of the “Clean Air” program. This amount allows the poorest people to replace an obsolete boiler to a greater extent. The subsidy can also finance building insulation or the purchase of new windows and doors. Who will receive the highest support in the amount of as much as 90% of the grant? According to the new rules of the program, these will be people with an income of up to PLN 900 per person in a multi-person household or, in the case of people living alone, up to PLN 1,260. The maximum amount of the subsidy may be as much as PLN 69,000. From this year, the possibility of determining the income criterion was introduced on the basis of the established right to receive a permanent, periodic, family allowance or a special care allowance.

People who achieve higher income can also count on funding. A basic subsidy of up to PLN 30,000 is intended for beneficiaries whose annual income does not exceed PLN 100,000. People with an average monthly salary of up to PLN 1,564 / person. in a multi-person household and up to PLN 2,189 / person in a one-person household, they can count on a subsidy of up to PLN 37,000.

More simplifications

The new scheme rules also introduce the possibility of combining Clean Air funding with municipal umbrella schemes where the applicant does not become the owner of the boiler until the end of the project lifetime. Additionally, it will be possible to extend the duration of the investment due to delays resulting from the postponement of the gas connection by the operator. From this year on, subsidies will also cover dual-fuel boilers fired with lump wood and pellets.

The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management envisages further improvements, including providing funds before making the investment, as well as assisting applicants in preparation, implementation and settlement.

Shield allowance for 7 million households

People with the lowest incomes, apart from the increased co-financing under the Clean Air program, may also apply for a shielding allowance to energy, gas and food prices. As part of the cover allowance, the government offers support to nearly 7 million households and intends to allocate PLN 4.7 billion for this purpose. The allowance is paid by municipalities that will receive subsidies from the state budget. The amounts of the subsidies are as follows:

  • A one-person household will receive PLN 400/500 *, assuming that its income will not exceed PLN 2,100,
  • A farm of 2-3 people will receive PLN 600/750 *, assuming that the income will not exceed PLN 1500 per person per month,
  • A 4-5 person farm will receive PLN 850 / PLN 1062.50 *, assuming that the income will not exceed PLN 1500 per person per month,
  • A farm of 6 and more people will receive PLN 1150 / PLN 1437.50 * with the assumption that the income will not exceed PLN 1500 per person per month

Help in every municipality

It is worth considering replacing the poisonous furnace now and taking advantage of the attractive subsidies. There is really little time left, because according to the provisions of the anti-smog resolution for Małopolska, from next year it will not be possible to burn in non-class boilers, the so-called black smackers. However, by the end of 2026, all 3rd and 4th class boilers should be replaced. Local governments help in replacing obsolete heating sources. In each commune, we can receive free advice and assistance in completing the application for co-financing under the “Clean Air” program service points. All you need to do is contact the Eco-managers or directly with the Municipal or City Office and ask about the “Clean Air” program. More information on co-financing can be obtained by calling the helpline 12 422 94 90 or on the website www.szczeepowieoł