The residents of Małopolska are sensitive to the point of environmental pollution

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The “Eco-intervention” application is becoming popular among the residents of Małopolska. Since the application was introduced, as many as two thousand applications have been received, related to violations of environmental protection regulations.

Which municipalities fulfill the obligation?

The largest number of notifications was recorded in Kraków (166), the municipalities of Zielonki (115), Wielka Wieś (103), Chrzanów (89) and Wieliczka (73). The commune of Zielonki was most effective in taking actions to verify infringements, where, within 115 reports, actions were taken in as many as 112 cases. Equally intensive activities were carried out in the communes of: Proszowice, Nowy Targ, Zakopane, Oświęcim, Brzeźnica, Tarnów and Brzesko, where the percentage of the application fulfillment ranged from 89 – 96%.

 In August, we received 215 reports of environmental irregularities, mainly on air pollution. Eco-intervention is invariably popular among Małopolska residents. Local governments are also mobilizing and carrying out inspections. I am glad that the application fulfills its role, although I hope that someday we will put it out with a great pump, because it will simply not be needed anymore

Holiday? Not from responsibility!

In August, 215 new notifications were received. Municipalities: Proszowice, Kraków, Zielonki, Chrzanów and Oświęcim have the highest number of notifications concerning violations of environmental regulations. The residents of Małopolska have reported 119 cases of air pollution in the past month. They complained mainly about yellow smoke and unpleasant smell, which was not insignificant for the residents from the neighbourhood.

The most frequent reported violation was the burning of leaves, plastic and other waste. A large number of reports (62) also concerned illegal landfills by roads, on glades or near a river.

Entrepreneurs are not without accusations

Among entrepreneurs, air pollution was also one of the most frequently reported infringements, as 12 applications were received. Equally worrying were the reports concerning the discharge of waste water or sewage, which have an invasive effect on soil and water environments.

Of all the reports in August, 49 are under review. In the case of 54 completed checks, no infringements were detected, while in 13 cases, intervention was necessary: one penalty was imposed, in two cases, an warning was given, and ten incidents were resolved in other ways, such as by constant observation of the site. There are still 99 reports awaiting verification of infringements.

Where to look for information?

The electronic form is available at the website. The residents of the Małopolska region can, using the application, report cases of infringements causing environmental pollution. Each report is redirected to a competent control authority. At the same time, the Marshal’s Office asks for feedback on the results of the control activities.