Workshops for Eco-Managers in Dobczyce

On November 20-21 this year in Dobczyce workshops for Eco-Managers took place, organized as a part of the execution of the LIFE Integrated Project for the Malopolska Region. The workshops concerned the possibility of financing investments in the PPP (Public-Private Partnership) and ESCO (Energy Saving Company) formulas, the substantive supervision over the course of the training was carried out by the National Energy Conservation Agency (KAPE).

On the first day, the workshop consisted of three parts. The first part was an introductory lecture on the subject of investment financing in the PPP formula. During the second part, investments executed in the PPP formula, i.e. an incineration plant in Poznan and a courthouse in Nowy Sącz, were discussed. During the third part of the workshop, Eco-Managers identified investments in their municipalities that could be executed in the PPP formula with the elaboration of guidelines for the selection of a private partner with the identification of risks and ways to reduce them.

The second day was also divided into three parts. The first part was an introductory lecture on the subject of investment financing in the ESCO formula, followed by examples of some executed investments. During the workshop part, Eco-Managers, basing on the audit received, prepared the provisions of a contract with a potential ESCO company, and then, being divided into groups, negotiated its terms.

The workshop was conducted by: Mr. Jerzy Ćwięk, an entrepreneur with 30 years of experience in energy efficiency, Mr. Arkadiusz Węglarz – an advisor to the Management Board of KAPE for low-emission economy, Mrs. Anna Bolewska – Sroka – a legal advisor, Mr. Dariusz Koc, the Managing Director of the Energy Efficiency Division KAPE and Mrs. Antonina Kaniszewska, the Head of the Low-Emission Economy Department at KAPE.

The trainings were conducted as part of the implementation of the action “C.2. Competence center” of the LIFE integrated project “Implementation of Air Quality Plan for Malopolska Region – Malopolska in a Healthy Atmosphere”/ LIFE-IP MALOPOLSKA / LIFE14/IPE/PL/021.