Guidelines for preparing a database of people affected by energy poverty

The following methodology has been prepared due to the lack of detailed analyses on the problem of energy poverty and the lack of guidelines to conduct them. It is a source of knowledge for local authorities to help them identify those at risk.

The main objective of the methodology is to estimate the scale of energy poverty in the municipality and to identify the source of the information collected. This analysis will identify people at risk of energy poverty and allow to support them in the short term. The indirect aim of this methodology is to establish close cooperation between different institutions.

The following methodology proposes two steps to analyse the phenomenon of energy poverty in the municipality. The first is based on general information indicating the proportion of residents exposed to this problem. The second step is aimed to identify people affectes by energy poverty during home visits and community interviews.

Municipalities in the Małopolska Region are obliged to prepare an analysis of the energy poverty problem by 30 June 2022.

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