“A thief lives in your house” – summary of the campaign


The Marshal’s Office of the Małopolska Region has just completed another edition of the educational and information campaign addressed to the residents of Małopolska. ” A thief lives in your house” – this misleading slogan resounded in all municipalities of Małopolska. The campaign focused around the figure of a “thief” who was the most recognisable element of the action. He could be seen on all materials.

The campaign for clean air has once again increased the awareness of Małopolska residents. And it was possible thanks to communes and Eco-managers whom I would like to thank in particular for their enormous involvement. It is only thanks to our joint effort that we can achieve our objective, which is clean air in Małopolska.
– comments Tomasz Urynowicz – Deputy Marshal of the Małopolska Region.

What are the campaigns for?

Year on year, the environmental awareness of the inhabitants of our region is growing. This is thanks to the increasing involvement of social movements, local governments and residents themselves in activities aimed at improving air quality. One of the elements of education are social campaigns. This year’s promotional campaign was conducted from February to April. Its purpose was to inform the inhabitants about the provisions of the anti-smog resolution and the resulting obligations. The campaign was addressed to single-family house owners living in Małopolska, who heat their houses with old coal-fired boilers.


Due to the fact that Małopolska residents use various sources of information, we used various media to promote the campaign.

The exposition of billboards was the first element of the social campaign. In early February billboards were located in the proximity of access roads to cities, near intersections and roundabouts. This made it possible to reach a large audience passing through busy roads. Billboards were located in 24 towns, where 37 banners were pasted.


During the campaign, 22 sponsored articles were published in 10 different newspapers. The articles were published in national, regional, local, specialised and social press. For those using e-publications, the articles were available for three months in a digital version on the publisher’s website.

Thematic newspaper

The thematic newspaper was created in order to accurately and reliably introduce the anti-smog resolution and subsidy programmes to the inhabitants of Małopolska. In addition, the newspaper published short interviews with people who have replaced their old cookers with new, ecological heating sources. The newspaper was printed in 81 000 copies. Distribution took place in 21 towns. The newspaper was distributed to citizens in frequently visited places (market squares, car parks of shops), and it was also distributed to mailboxes of single family houses.


Leaflets were the most popular of the materials available. They were printed in a print run of 41,000 copies. Each municipality and district office received 200 copies free of charge. Thanks to the eco-managers and municipal employees, the leaflets were distributed directly to the inhabitants and could also be obtained at the municipal office.


Posters were placed on notice boards or displayed in offices. They became the most visible part of the campaign. They could be seen in all towns, even the smaller ones. A total of 4,200 posters were printed. Each municipality received 20 posters free of charge.

Sponsored posts

For those using social media, an online campaign was run. Four types of posts and a short video were published on Ekomałopolski‘s Facebook profile, 7 posts in total, which focused on the character of the “thief”-the old cooker stealer:
The posts were of great interest to residents and were thought-provoking. Each post was seen by approximately 25,000 app users.

The materials used in the campaign are available on our website under Educational Materials.

Cooperation in the creation of the campaign

Special thanks go to the Krakow Smog Alarm and Schulz sp. z o.o., in cooperation with whom the campaign materials were created. We owe such a large reach of the campaign to eco-managers, municipalities and county offices. Thanks to them, the campaign reached all the regions of Malopolska.

The campaign had many recipients thanks to Creative-Media Małgorzata Michalska and event agency Sun&More, which were responsible for the implementation of the campaign.

Mamy nadzieję, że nasza kampania dotarła do szerokiego grona odbiorców.  A jej skutki będziemy obserwować w postaci czystego powietrza w kolejnych latach.