Celebration of #EUGreenWeek2018 in the Malopolska Region

Green Week Zielony Tydzień

Classes in schools, Eco-picnics, outdoor workshops, film screenings, experiments with air, games, contests and many, many more. That’s how # EUGreenWeek2018 was celebrated in the Malopolska Region!

What is #EUGreenWeek 2018?

Green Week is an annual event organized by the European Commission and devoted entirely to issues related to environmental protection. This is a unique opportunity for the representatives of public administration, non-governmental organizations, academic environments and the media to exchange experiences and good practices in the field of environmental protection. This year’s edition of Green Week focused on the theme of green cities.

Exceptionally active Eco-managers

The Eco-managers employed within the LIFE IP MAŁOPOLSKA project decided to conduct classes at schools, where they discussed more than only the matters related to air quality, they also discussed their daily work and why they became “specialists in clean air”. More than four thousand young people from all over the Malopolska Region participated in the events organized by Eco-managers.

“Save yourself, take care of the earth!”, the anti-smog information campaign for junior high school students

A lot has happened in almost every municipality implementing the LIFE project. In Świątniki Górne, the Eco-manager held a competition for junior high school students, it resulted in slogans promoting clean air and pro-ecological attitudes. Thanks to the creativity of the youth, in the nearest heating season, residents of Świątniki Górne Municipality will have the opportunity to witness an information campaign the authors of which are young people from their own municipality.

Green Week


A colorful procession participated by dozens of primary school kids marched along the streets of the city in Limanowa. Blue balloons, pro-ecological slogans and lots of good energy!

Green Week

The Eco-manager in Tarnów conducted more than lessons in a primary school. In cooperation with the Landscape Parks Team, she went for a walk with the children, during the walk she talked about the LIFE project and the activities undertaken for clean air.

Green Week


Green Week

What an thermoimaging camera is and how does the complicated device operate, as discussed by the Eco-manager from Wieprz Municipality.

Green Week

And what happened in Wadowice? Kids visited air quality monitoring stations. They could get to know it closely, and the Wadowice Eco-manager responded patiently to all questions.

Green Week

Another #EUGreenWeek in a year!