Changes to the Clean Air Programme

In April this year, significant changes to the Clean Air Programme come into force. This programme aims to improve air quality and reduce emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere. The new regulations introduce additional requirements for the selection of equipment and the availability of subsidies.

Selection from a list of Green Equipment and Materials

One of the key innovations is the obligation to select heat pumps, wood gasifying boilers and pellet boilers only from those on the list of green equipment and materials. This means that only appliances meeting certain parameters will be eligible for the programme.

Testing and accreditation of equipment

The parameters of the heat pumps must be confirmed by tests carried out in an accredited laboratory. This step is intended to prevent beneficiaries from investing in equipment that does not meet the requirements of the programme. These tests must be consistent with the data on the product data sheet and the energy label.

This is an important safeguard that should be a guarantee that appliances purchased under the programme will indeed meet the standards set. This will contribute to increasing energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Limitation of funding

Another important change is the restriction that the highest level of subsidy can only be obtained for one single-family dwelling or one dwelling unit in such a building. Once this level of subsidy has been used, subsequent applications will only be able to be made at the basic level of subsidy.

This measure is intended to make sensible use of the funds allocated for improving air quality. This limitation will allow for an even distribution of funds and enable more people to benefit from the scheme.

The new rules will come into force on 22 April 2024, with a transition period that will end on 13 June 2024.

Beneficiaries of the Clean Air Programme should familiarise themselves with the new rules and deadlines in order to take full and effective advantage of the programme. Adhering to these rules will allow the expected results for environmental protection and improved air quality. These changes are an important step towards building a greener future.

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