Changing the regulations of the list of ecodesign heating devices

Kotły ekoprojekt

From 6th November 2018, on the basis of a resolution adopted by the Małopolska Management Board, the Regulations of the List of low-emission boilers and heaters for solid fuels changed.

The change introduced includes:

  • Boilers on the list should meet not only the ecodesign requirements, but also the requirements of the Ordinance of the Minister of Development and Finance of 1 August 2017 on the requirements for solid fuel boilers.
  • Clarification that laboratory tests for emissions must relate to each product. This means that in the case of devices occurring in several variants of rated power, each of them should be tested by an accredited unit.
  • Publication of full reports on laboratory tests of boilers or space heaters.
  • Obligation to provide and publish a scan or image of the nameplate of the heating device.

In the case of heating devices entered on the list before 6 November 2018, the applicant or manufacturer of the device has to complete the documentation until 31 January 2019 . All you have to do is sign and submit a new application for entry on the list and a scan or image of the nameplate. You do not have to re-submit the rest of the documentation. Failure to complete the application will result in deleting the device from the list.

New applications

In the case of new device calls, it is necessary to send to email [email protected]:

  • Scan of the completed and signed application for entry on the list.
  • Electronic version or scan of technical documentation and instructions for installers and users of the heating device,
  • A scan of the full test report for each fuel envisaged for use, confirming that the ecodesign requirements have been met,
  • Scan or image of the nameplate of the heating device,
  • One photo or graphic depicting a heating device.

The new regulations and application for entry on the list are available at: Ecodesign solid fuel boilers and space heaters.

The entry on the list is free. Preceded by the verification of documentation by experts. Experts represent accredited testing laboratories for heating devices: Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal in Zabrze, Institute of Power Engineering – Research Institute in Warsaw, Office of Technical Inspection in Warsaw, Oil and Gas Institute – National Research Institute in Krakow, and scientific units: AGH University of Science and Technology and Polish Academy of Sciences.

Ecodesign solid fuel boilers and space heaters

Already more than 200 devices on the list

The list of low-emission boilers and heaters for solid fuels is maintained by the Department of the Environment of the Marshal’s Office of the Małopolska Region since 2016. Currently, it already includes 206 devices that meet the ecodesign requirements, including 178 boilers and 28 space heaters.

The list is voluntary. However, it is a valuable source of information for municipalities and residents of which devices meet the requirements of the anti-smog resolution for Małopolska and grant programs. All current subsidy programs for exchanging heating devices (Clean Air, RPO, PONE) require that installed solid fuel boilers must meet the ecodesign requirements.