EU Green Week 2021 in Małopolska Region!


What is EU Green Week 2021?

This is one of the biggest environmental conferences in Europe, accompanied by partner events across the continent. The main organiser of the EU Green Week is the European Commission. This year the event was held under the slogan “Zero pollution means healthier people and healthier planet”. This year’s conference took place online from 31 May to 4 June. It was an amazing opportunity for representatives of public administration, NGOs, academia and the media to exchange experiences in the field of environmental protection. This year, one of the speakers was a representative of the Department of Environment of the Marshal’s Office of the Malopolska Region.

The LIFE IP MALOPOLSKA Project participates in the celebrations

As part of the celebrations of this year’s edition, the partners of the LIFE IP MALOPOLSKA Project planned a series of events under the slogan “Zero Air Pollution”. The actions were directed mainly to inhabitants and took place from 3 May to 6 June 2021, and their main aim was to promote consultation points of the “Clean Air” Programme in each of the communes of Malopolska. Eco-manager advised how to replace an old furnace with an ecological heating source quickly and efficiently. They also informed the inhabitants about the possibilities of making use of subsidies within the Clean Air Programme. The eco-advisers set up their stands next to the most frequented places in the municipality, such as markets and town fairs. Apart from that, some of them planned a number of additional actions, such as contests, lectures, actions of cleaning the commune in line with the theme of this year’s European Green Week. Below are brief accounts of the most interesting events.

Conference #EUGreenWeek2021

The information point in the open air in the municipality of Czernichów

In Czernichów municipality, at the turn of May and June, the Eco-manager was available at the consultation point in front of the office building. The interested inhabitants had the opportunity to obtain information on subsidies for the replacement of boilers or on other thermomodernization activities. Additionally, the Eco-manager offered her help in filling in the applications for subsidies. The action was very popular among inhabitants.


A number of events in the Gromnik municipality

Gromnik Municipality actively joined in the activities as part of this year’s edition of the European Green Week. Many events and attractions for adults and the youngest inhabitants were planned. One of them was cleaning up the commune in cooperation with the Landscape Parks Complex of Małopolskie Region. The action was joined by the employees of the Municipality Office, the Cultural Centre and Social Assistance Centre, as well as seniors and children. The Gromnik Forestry Commission donated conifer seedlings to the participants. In addition, the municipality organised an art competition entitled “Restoring the Earth”, in which participants had to prepare works on pro-ecological attitudes. The last event was the Children’s Day in the open air. On that day the Eco-manager planned a lot of attractions for the youngest, including participation in the large-format game “Clean Air”, quizzes and pro-ecological games.


Green Week cycling in the municipality of Piwniczna Zdrój

The European Green Week 2021 in the municipality of Piwniczna Zdrój is marked by bike rides. On May 29-30, an event promoting cycling as an environmentally friendly means of transport was held.

Piwniczna Zdrój

Information point in the Łapsze Niżna municipality

On 12 May this year in the Municipal Office in Łapsze Niżna a public information point was established. The interested persons had the possibility to obtain information about co-financing for boiler replacement and RES installation within the frames of commune projects and the “Clean Air” Programme. In addition, the Eco-manager prepared displays of samples of various fuels, in particular biomass, coal, including banned sludge and flotation concentrates. As part of the exposition, the Eco-manager encouraged the inhabitants to buy good quality fuel and to have a fuel quality certificate. In addition, there was an air quality meter at the point, which informed residents about the current state of the air.

Łapsze Niżne

Consultation point and activities for the youngest in Nawojowa Municipality

In Nawojowa the European Green Week was marked by the promotion of the service point of the “Clean Air” programme. Within this framework, an Eco-manager provided information on obtaining subsidies for pro-ecological activities. Apart from that, the Eco-manager informed the inhabitants about the provisions of the anti-smog resolution, reminding them of the necessity to replace old, inefficient boilers. The youngest inhabitants of the commune had an opportunity to take part in activities devoted to air protection.


The spectacle “Sky Mission” in Sucha Beskidzka

The Sucha Beskidzka municipality prepared an ecological spectacle “Sky Mission” for the youngest inhabitants of the municipality in the Cultural and Film Centre. The main aim of the performance was to bring closer the subject of low emissions, waste segregation and environmental protection. In addition to the educational content, the performance was enriched by rich scenery and special effects.

Sucha Beskidzka

Activities in schools in the Tomice

In May, the Eco-manager visited schools and kindergartens in the Tomice Municipality (the School and Kindergarten Complex in Witanowice, the Primary School in Woźniki, and the School and Kindergarten Complex in Tomice). The students broadened their knowledge on the causes of smog and measures to improve air quality.