European Mobility Week 2018 has been launched!

Europeans love diversity – in food, in fashion, in music. This year’s EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK invites us to think about various transport options and choose the one that best suits a particular journey.

Mobility Week – Sustainable Transport Week

The European Sustainable Transport Week (European Mobility Week) is taking place. More than 2,600 cities have joined the campaign in Europe and over 640 different types of campaigns are organized. The Malopolska Region is also participating.
The European Mobility Week aims at promoting sustainable transport and takes place every September 16-22. The campaign, initiated in 2002 by the European Commission, promotes ecological forms of mobility, such as collective transport, pedestrian and bicycle traffic, as well as multimodal transport. All this to improve the existing transport situation, the safety of road users and the air quality in cities and municipalities. The highlight of the event is the “Car-free Day” organized on September 22.

Edition 2018

THE EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK 2018 focuses on “multimobility” – mixing means of transport as part of one or different journeys. Many of us instinctively decide on the same way of transport, not necessarily examining the needs of a particular journey. A car can be the best way to take your family to the seaside, but is it the best way to reach the city center, where space and access to many points are often limited? In addition to health benefits, you can gain much more – save time and money. Through introducing some changes in the choice of the means of transport, we can not only have a positive impact on the environment, we can simply say that thanks to ecological choices we are more efficient, healthier, happier and we have more money in our wallet!

Eco-managers during the European Mobility Week

The eco-managers employed under the “Implementation of the air quality program for the Malopolska Region – Malopolska in a healthy atmosphere” LIFE project also joined the pan-European action. Special classes will be organized for children and school youth in Bochnia and Miechów, Eco-managers will then convince the youngest children to use ecological forms of transport. In Wadowice, on September 22, an Anti-smog Family Bicycle Rally will take place with the participation of the mayor, and in the Municipality of Oświęcim, the eco-manager will provide assistance at an information point organized at the finish line of the municipal bicycle rally. In Bukowina Tatrzańska, a school rally will take place at the stadium in Brzegi. Gorlice also actively participated in the project, organizing a blood donation campaign, a bicycle rally, a car-free day and a thematic competition for the youngest.

The Malopolska Region also joined the Sustainable Transport Week. On the last day of the week, September 22, you will be able to buy a train ticket for PLN 1. More details are HERE. “I especially recommend a trip to the places where our VeloMalopolska routes are located. Traveling by train and changing to ride two wheels is a really nice way to spend a family Saturday”- Jacek Krupa – the Marshal of the Malopolska Region – encourages.

A lot is happening not only in the Malopolska Region but all over the country! The initiatives and municipalities that have joined the action can be found here.

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Change and go!