Face the challenge! Educational action in schools

The Malopolska Region is launching an educational campaign in schools to set up a network of sensors to measure air quality. The results of the measurements will appear on interactive boards.

The Lesser Poland Regional Assembly adopted a resolution on the setting up of a network of sensors to measure air quality. 116 municipalities declared their participation in the project. Each school proposed by the municipality will be equipped with an air quality sensor, as well as an LED screen on which the results of the measurements will be presented. The devices will be installed outside so that all residents (not just children) can access the measurements.

Students and teachers will be able to monitor the air quality in their area. The results will be presented in a simple way so that even the youngest children will be able to follow the results. This information will allow teachers to plan outdoor activities.

Schools will organise educational activities on air protection. The aim of the educational project is to raise students awareness of smog, ways to reduce emissions and the benefits of breathing clean air.

The purchase of air pollution sensors and LED information boards is financed under the LIFE project “Malopolska in a healthy atmosphere” from funds of the European Union and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.

Check which municipalities will receive the sensors! Click to see the list of municipalities.