Heating using waste permitted? A visit at an eco-incineration plant

Heating using waste permitted?
Yes, but only in technologically-specialized facilities! One of them is the modern Eco-incineration plant in Krakow.

The Eco-managers implementing the LIFE IP MALOPOLSKA project had the opportunity to visit one of such places on May 28, this year. The Eco-incineration plant of the Krakow Municipal Holding is a place where tons of waste produced by the residents of Krakow are found. It is a modern facility that not only perfectly fits the visual space of the city, generates electricity, but above all, it gets rid of waste in an ecological, safe and economical way.

The Eco-incineration plant’s educational path starts with the proper preparation of a group of visitors. Each person is equipped with a protective helmet and a vest. Then an employee of the Eco-incineration plant introduces the group into the meanders of the facility’s operation. First, we see how cars with waste come to the incineration plant, the cargo is weighed, and then it is thrown into a huge silo. When leaving, each vehicle is again weighed and disinfected so that it could safely enter the city.

Krakow Eco-incineration plant accepts approx. 130 cars a day. This translates into about 300 kg of waste per year per one inhabitant of Krakow! It’s almost a kilo of waste per day generated by one person!

The visit at the incineration plant was combined with workshops for Eco-managers concerning settlements for Sub-measures 4.4.1, 4.4.2 and 4.4.3 of the Regional Operational Program of the Malopolska Region. The Eco-managers employed in the City of Krakow discussed their work which, due to the specificity of the capital of the region, differs in part from the work of other Eco-managers employed in the municipalities of Malopolska Region.

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