Implementation of the LIFE project in June


The most important events

In June, the Malopolska Region Eco-managers:

  • prepared nearly 35 000 and distributed over 30 000 informational and educational materials on air protection, and provided nearly 18 000 pieces of advice to the inhabitants of Malopolska Region,
  • organized meetings and educational events attended by over 20,000 residents. The largest of them took place in the following municipalities: Krakow, Mszana Dolna, Szczurowa, Radziemice, Piwniczna Zdrój, Wieprz, and Nowy Targ (city).

In June, representatives of the UMWM Management Team had advisory and management visits in the municipalities of Bystra Sidzina, Spytkowice, Kocmyrzów – Luborzyca, Koniusz, Szczucin, Dąbrowa Tarnowska, Tomice and Wieprz.

C.1. Eco-managers

Advice and assistance to residents

Eco-managers employed under the LIFE program provide direct advisory assistance to the inhabitants of Malopolska Region. In June they provided advice and assistance to residents:

  • 8 181 people admitted to the office,
  • 2 321 during field visits and meetings,
  • 6 806 by telephone and
  • 230 in writing or by email.

Surveys from residents and applications for funding

Eco-managers are also involved in collecting surveys from residents and examining applications for funding. In June:

  • 345 questionnaires from residents interested in receiving funding were collected,
  • 363 applications from residents or entities for co-financing were considered,
  • 700 agreements with residents or entities for co-financing were signed and 206 such agreements were settled.

Heating base

Eco-managers introduced or updated data on 2,689 buildings in the heating base.

C.2. Competence Center

Study visits

On June 2, 14 and 23, representatives of KAPE participated in study visits using an energy bus in the municipalities of Radziemice, Słomniki and Czernichów.

Guide to conducting home furnace inspections

In June, all municipalities, Municipal Guards and Police of the Malopolska Region as well as WFOŚiGW and VIEP received a Guide to conducting home furnace inspections. Its purpose is substantive and methodical preparation for conducting inspections, detecting illegal waste incineration and monitoring compliance with the provisions of the anti-smog resolution.

 What is more, an instructional video was prepared showing the correct methodology for conducting such an inspection.

The prepared material is a summary of a series of training courses in home furnace inspections that took place at the turn of March and April this year.

The guide and instruction film were developed in cooperation with the Medical University of Warsaw and the Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal in Zabrze and the Frank Bold Foundation.

Eco-intervention form

In June, 23 applications were received using the eco-intervention form. All concerned waste incineration.

C.3. Support for the implementation of the ban on the use of solid fuels for heating in Krakow

Employees employed under the LIFE project are involved in the verification of applications and settlement of subsidies for boiler replacement. In June:

  • they carried out 316 pre-execution inspections and 157 as-built inspections,
  • they considered 135 applications of residents and prepared documents thanks to which 111 agreements were concluded and 54 such agreements were settled.

E.2. Local information and education activities in the field of air protection

Educational materials on air protection

Eco-managers in municipalities prepare and distribute educational materials on air protection. In June:

  • they prepared 23 454 leaflets and brochures and 204 posters,
  • they distributed 23 427 leaflets and brochures and 254 posters,
  • they prepared 10 888 and distributed 7 383 other educational materials (books, coloring books for children, pens, cups, ecogames, eco bags, water bottles, notebooks).

Meetings and events

Eco-managers organized numerous meetings and events in June:

  • 13 competitions for children / young people, in which 1 128 people took part,
  • 13 meetings with residents, attended by nearly 1,300 people,
    41 meetings with local leaders (WFOŚiGW energy advisors, municipality heads, village leaders, priests, representatives of local communities, educational units and entrepreneurs, fire protection units) with a total of 219 people,
  • 36 other events on air protection, in which more than 16 thousand people participated in total (mainly as part of ecological picnics, Children’s Day, European Energy Saving Week, Environmental Protection Day and municipal outdoor events).

On June 12, online classes were held using the Malopolska Region Educational Cloud. A lecture on climate change, by Joanna Mieszkowicz from the Aeris Futuro foundation, was listened to by young people from 11 high schools from the Malopolska Region.

E.3. Creating a network of exchange of experiences with other projects

As part of the exchange of experiences with other projects, representatives of the UMWM participated in numerous meetings and events:

Clean Air Forum

On June 12, a representative of the UMWM participated in the next meeting organized by the Krakow Metropolis Association as part of the Clean Air Forum.

The main purpose of the meeting was to implement changes in projects financed from European funds under sub-measure 4.4.1 in connection with the update of the Integrated Territorial Investment Strategy.

During the meeting, progress in the implementation of the innovative Boiler Decommissioning Plan implemented in the municipalities directly adjacent to Krakow was discussed, as well as the possibility of submitting an application to the ELENA project, an instrument supporting investment in the field of energy efficiency of residential buildings.

Areas and ways of supporting clusters under the KlastER project

On June 13, a representative of the UMWM participated in the seminar “Areas and ways of supporting clusters under the KlastER project” organized by the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the opportunities and barriers to the development of energy clusters in Poland. The meeting was attended by representatives of over 50 clusters, the Ministry of Energy, the National Center for Nuclear Research as well as municipalities and poviats.

Integrated Low Emission Reduction System

On June 18, a representative of the UMWM participated in the meeting at the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology in Warsaw. The meeting was devoted to consultations on developed solutions, in the part concerning data collected as part of the Integrated Low Emission Reduction System (ZONE).

E.4. Promotion of project implementation

What is more, Eco-managers in June:

  • prepared 21 articles in the press, 109 articles and posts on the Internet and in media communities, and used other media 12 times (e.g. Facebook, wall newspapers, information boards).

The published information concerned, among others air quality, the anti-smog resolution, subsidy programs and activities carried out by the municipality in the field of improving air quality.

F.1. Project management

On 17-18 and 24-25 June representatives of the UMWM Management Team carried out advisory and management visits to the municipalities of Bystra Sidzina, Spytkowice, Kocmyrzów – Luborzyca, Koniusza, Szczucin, Dąbrowa Tarnowska, Tomice and Wieprz.

During the meetings, issues related to the current implementation of the project, the most common problems and plans for the next phases were raised.

The full report containing a summary of the implementation of the LIFE integrated project “Implementation of the Air Quality Program for the Malopolska Region – Malopolska in a healthy atmosphere” in June 2019 is available for download in the attachment below.