Malopolska Province together with residents for clean air

November is the month in which we symbolically celebrate Clean Air Day. The local government of the Małopolska voivodeship is once again undertaking educational and informational activities to raise awareness in the area of air protection and energy conservation.

One of the key elements of the ongoing iteration of the campaign are radio spots, which have been broadcast for several weeks on local radio stations (including Radio Plus Krakow, Radio Plus Podhale, Radio Super Nova Nowy Sącz, Radio Eska Tarnów, Radio RDN Małopolska and RDN Nowy Sącz, and Radio ALEX). The spots allude to topics related to air protection, but also present practical tips for saving energy. Residents will gain information on available subsidies for heat source replacement, thermo-modernization of buildings and renewable energy sources. Residents can also take advantage of the assistance of an eco-manager, who provides expert support and advice.

The campaign’s reinforcing element is a poster campaign. Posters reminding of the obligation to replace outdated heating devices are being distributed in all municipalities in Małopolska. Replacement of equipment with new, ecological ones is an important step in reducing emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere. Posters are hung in public places, such as municipal offices, educational institutions and stores, so that as many residents as possible can get acquainted with the message.

We encourage active participation in the information campaign. Posters in various formats are available on our website in the educational materials section. We are confident that through joint involvement we will be able to create an environment where the air will be healthier and the quality of life of residents will be significantly improved.

The information and education activities were financed with funds from the Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Cracow.