Meeting with experts from the Ukrainian Environment People Law project from Lviv

On April 27 we met with experts from the Ukrainian Environment-People-Law project. We discussed the EU LIFE programs implemented in Małopolska in the context of the planned actions to improve the climate and environment in Ukraine.

Environment People Law (EPL)

The EPP Association is a team of lawyers, journalists and social activists who stand up for the environment and ecological rights using legal instruments. They fight smog, species extinction, landfills in the oceans and land, and many other effects of human activity. They set their sights on the future of our planet, ecological harmony on a national and regional level. By conducting active awareness-raising and legal assistance, they shape progressive views.

LIFE Integrated Project

The LIFE program funds innovative environmental projects in Europe. Integrated projects are the flagship instrument for supporting the implementation of strategies to improve environmental quality over a large area.

Representatives of the organization learned about both LIFE integrated projects coordinated by the Małopolska Voivodeship:

  • LIFE Integrated Project “Implementation of the Air Protection Program for Małopolska Voivodeship – Małopolska in a healthy atmosphere” – more about the project
  • LIFE-integrated project EKOMAŁOPOLSKA “Implementation of the Regional Action Plan for Climate and Energy for the Małopolska Voivodeship” – more about the project

The Małopolskie Voivodeship is the only region in the country which simultaneously implements two LIFE integrated projects. For its results so far, the voivodeship was honored with the title of Leader of Energy Transformation 2023.