Replacing the furnace at your fingertips. New, favourable rules of the Clean Air programme

Since 21 October this year, applications can be submitted in the second part of the government’s Clean Air Programme. The most important change from the previous rules is the increase in the amount of grants for people with low income. The maximum subsidy for replacing a cooker and warming the house is currently PLN 37,000. You can obtain the necessary income certificate in your municipality. The subsidy calculator will allow you to calculate the real cost of the investment and subsidies for a specific case.

This is very good news, especially since the local government of Małopolska is working intensively on how to support residents in the exchange of heat sources. We put emphasis on cooperation with local governments. Better use of subsidy funds, especially in the context of people who can only afford a minimal own contribution.

– says Deputy Marshal of Małopolska Tomasz Urynowicz

I believe that simplifying the rules of the Clean Air Programme will help to speed up the fight against the pathogenic smog, which is already starting to show signs at this time of year.

– adds the Vice-Marshal

Under the new rules of the programme, less well-off owners or co-owners of single-family houses can receive a subsidy of up to 60% of the eco-investment costs incurred. This applies to individuals with a monthly income of up to 1,400 PLN/person. (in case of a multi-person household) or up to PLN 1960 (in a single-person household).

Other beneficiaries of “Clean Air”, with an annual income of up to PLN 100 thousand, are entitled to a maximum of PLN 25 thousand of co-financing for the replacement of a heat source and installation of a photovoltaic system, and PLN 30 thousand if the investment includes a heat pump and PV system. It is also worth remembering that in the case of similar investments , a thermomodernization relief of up to PLN 53 thousand is available for the tax return (PIT- form).

Income certificates necessary to obtain the subsidy will be issued by municipalities on the basis of the so-called requests. The request can be submitted to the municipality in person, sent by post or by using the ePUAP platform. You should address yourself to the municipality according to your address.

The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management has also prepared a grant calculator, available on a special website ( ). It will make it easier to calculate the subsidy for the planned project in a specific case. Another convenience of the new version of “Clean Air” is the possibility to extend the deadline of the project by six months.

A new list of equipment and materials meeting the technical requirements specified in the “Clean Air” programme is available on the ZUM List website . The list of heating devices meeting the requirements of the so-called eco-design can also be checked on a dedicated website .

The antismog resolution in force for Małopolska imposes an obligation to replace out-of-class furnaces (the so-called “coppers”) by the end of 2022. Boilers of 3rd or 4th class must be replaced by the end of 2026. Whereas a 5th class boiler purchased before July 1st 2017 can be used until the end of its life. All newly installed solid fuel appliances must meet the ecodesign requirements. They must have an automatic fuel feeder and cannot be fitted with an emergency grate (except for wood gasifying cookers).

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